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FAKE NEWS mainstream media is getting slammed for pushing fmr. Trump National Security advisor JOHN BOLTON's new book and pretending BOLTON has anything to offer that would improve the lives of Americans.

Listening to BOLTON lecture on international relations is to fete a sad fearful man who often advocates the United States war and regime change and carelessly throw the youth of the country into harms way. BOLTON specializes in bedtime lullabys for the Council on Foreign Relations but holds no stature in politics today.

BOLTON worked for 2012 Presidential candidate loser MITT ROMNEY as a foreign relations advisor. Both of them were taken down inside the Republican party by congressman and Presidential candidate RON PAUL whose message of liberty was in stark contrast to the awful vison of ROMNEY and BOLTON world of endless war. 


JOHN LENNON - Rare book find in New York

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A BEATLES Complete song anthology book owned by JOHN LENNON has surfaced in New York. Although thousands of articles have been written on JOHN LENNON and the famous band as well - none have ever included the fact that JOHN LENNON took piano lessons.

The book was brought by JOHN LENNON to his piano classes so LENNON could polish up on his own songs using the piano instead of his regular guitar. He met Juillard trained piano teacher BILL FRITCHMAN when he and YOKO ONO moved into a million dollar mansion on the ocean to spend their summer. 

The oceanside mansion was owned by land developer and agent for photogrtapher Irving Penn Bob Baird who many years later sold it to Ralph Lauren. The exquiste ocean mansion situated off the old Montauk highway in the Hamptons was the LENNON ONO retreat during a summer in the early 1970s. LENNON took his piano lesssons here.

BILL FRITCHMAN, was a Masters student at Juillard Music School in NYC and died three years ago at age 96. After the estate settled the book was in the hands of IAN SNOW who says although the book does not have a signature LENNON did write in the book and marked a few pages with his own hand. LENNON actually crossed out the publishers lyrics for ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and wrote in the correct words above. These are more than typo correction - they are word corrections LENNON's own hand.

SNOW says there is ample lineage evidence the book is real and that YOKO ONO could easily confirm that LENNON took the lessons from FRITCHMAN - something never written or recorded about until now. 

SNOW says he will be bringing the book to an upcoming video podcast where more details will follow including plans for the book. He says the book is important in the same way as the Magna Carta or founding documents of The Church of England.