NYPOST Goes in for FAKE NEWS on NYC Mayoral 2021 Election

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The New York Post today published an article attributed to Nolan Hicks, Carl Campanile, Julie Marsh and Sam Raskin that demonstrates how FAKE the so called news organization has become.

The article headline:  ‘Wild card’ Sliwa needs Adams to ‘drop dead on stage’ for chance at victory: debate pundits.'

Who are these journalists and why so many for one short article? Maybe the phonies at the NYPOST think attributing many writers somehow makes their FAKE and DISHONEST News more believable?

The NYPOST quotes another total FAKE and DISHONEST journalist Chris Coffey supposedly a veteran strategist and Bloomberg adminstration staffer who the POST said Coffey called tonight's debate an 'ultimately insignificant event.'

LIVEONETV polls conducted face to face with voters in the NEW YORK CIty area and found Curtis Sliwa leding Eric Adams by at least 70% and his supporters showed much more enthusiasm for their candidate.


Curtis Sliwa is the founder of the Guardian Angels that began citizen patrols of the streets and subways when he realized that law enforcement was not able to provide reasonable safety for New Yorkers. He ended up in a taxi years ago and got shot by associates of the Gotti crime family after Sliwa spoke about John Gotti on a radio program unfavorably.

Eric Adam's is a former NYPD Police Captain who also has a long background of being personally involved in community programs and is known for his affection for New Yorkers and their children. 

Why would the NYPOST pretend Sliwa is a 'long shot'? Maybe someone sould tell the esteemed journalists' to look at the Google Trends. Google Trends are a strong indicator of voter interest in a candidate. The trends count how many Google searches were made for both candidates. Google treands show Curtis Sliwa ahead of Adams in search results - that's why the NYPOST and BLOOMBERG MEDIA esteemed journalists are not honest or serious journalists.

But the FAKE and DISHONEST News beat goes on.   
LTV Editorial Board

Infact, many have said this election is as important as a presidential election since New York is not only teh financial capitol of the United States but for many the capitol of the world. After watching MAYOR DEBLASIO stand down in the face of Antifa, BLM riots, officer and civilian murders, sky rocketing crime and violent robberies this election and tonight's debate is not at all, as Bloomberg flunky Chris Coffey called it an 'Ultimately insignificant Event.' 


TONIGHTS DEBATE: 7-8pm WNBC-TV Channel 4 - and livestreamed on


NY Media companies have Adams ahead of Sliwa but Google Trends show a different picture

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Major media companies in New York have been calling Eric Adams the front runner in teh upcoming 2021 Nov. 2 NYC Mayoral Election but Google trends show Sliwa edging out Adams in recent Google searches.


Google searches are considered an indicator of a candidate's popularity and this has thrown a wrench in to the media narrative that Adams is a 'shoe in' and Sliwa an 'underdog'.

This coming 2021 NYC Mayoral Debate Wednesday Oct 20th will be the first of two debates to take place and expectations are it will dramatically affect voters choice on who to vote for on November 2nd.

NYPD Ordered Not to Arrest anyone with Syringe Needle even with Heroine residue INSIDE

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New orders from New York politicians in Albany to the New York Police Department effectively encourages drug addicts shoot up on city streets, parks and even let them share needles.

The measure, effective Oct. 7 was sponsored by state Sen. Gustavo Rivera (D-Bronx), and was signed into law by Gov. Hochul last week in Manhattan.

Effective immediately, members of the NYPD should not take any enforcement action against any individual who possesses a hypodermic needle, even when it contains residue of a controlled substance, states a directive to NYPD commanders issued last Friday.

Senate Bill 2523, cited in the order to street cops, decriminalizes the possession or sale of hypodermic needles and syringes, even if contains the residue of hard drugs.




Tony Fauci Conceals NIH funded Reckless Research at Wuhan Lab

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Dr. Anthony Fauci has been lecturing Americans for over a year on how to respond to Covid-19 and mask-up while concealing that the NIH that he runs has been funding dangerous 'gain of function' research in China and may have even started the pandemic that has cost so many lives around the world.

The 'Intercept' news organization filed FOIA requests for the email communications of Fauci and received emails that showed Fauci was concerned the virus may have leaked from the Wuhan lab yet went on television and repeatedly stated all evidence was pointing to the virus coming from the natural environment likely from infected bats and then jumped to humans. 

Thanks to the efforts of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, a medical doctor himself, Fauci was questioned about the 'gain of function' research on Capital Hill but denied the NIH directed this research even though Dr. Shi at the Wuhanb Lab wrote the grant funding research included 'gain of function'.   However NIH did fund the dangerous research through a sub-grant to Eco-Health Alliance run by a Peter Daszak who claims to be an expert in disease ecology.

The revelation that Fauci has lied to the Congress and American people while being in charge of the National Response to the pandemic makes this one of the biggest scandals ever exposed.

Senator Tom Cotton is now calling for Fauci to be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law for the lies to Congress Fauci made with Senator Rand Paul in a committee hearing last summer. During the hearing Fauci denied funding 'Gain of Function' research and said Dr. Paul did not know what he was talking about and accused the Kentucky Senator of lying.

With some experts stating it is advisable to take a 3rd vaccine booster shot and even 4 or 5 vaccines boosters former President Trump said recently on television that it appears to be a money operation for big pharma. 

Many reports have recently stated that the virus is not over but infact will be even deadlier this fall and winter through 2021-2022.


Schneps Media in New York - Fake News or Sloppy reporting?

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What's the story with SCHNEPS Media and their affiliate website  They are reporting certain canidates for NYC Mayor 2021 have withdrawn from the race whereas they have not. Why would they do that? That is not an oversight or a technical error. In a call with LIVEONE.TV Political Editor Steven Witt said it was a lot of work putting the website together and when he returns from his vacation sometime at the end of the week he would look into it.  Schneps Media says it reaches more people than anyone in New York.

New York City Mayoral Candidate Bill Pepitone who was just interviewed on The Capitol Show with Tara Szczepanski at LIVEONE.TV Studios was surprised to learn the website was falsely reporting the former law enforcement officer had withdrawn from the race. 

LIVEONE.TV reached out to Schneps Communications to clear up the question and spoke to Steven Witt who said he knew nothing about initially.  It turns out it's more than one candidate they are falsely or ommiting to name and they are all Republicans.

The site also doesn't list Reoublican Frank Mateo NYC Mayoral Candidate, or Republican Tom Zmich. is also not reporting that Reublican candidate for Queens Borough President Tom Zmich is running against incumbent Donovon Richards. The Zmich campaign also reached out to Schneps with an email last weeks but the company hasn't responded.


Schneps Communictaions is a family-run business owned by Victoria and Joshua Schneps. Schneps claims on its' website that it '...Reaches More New Yorkers than Anyone.'   Wonder if they will bother to correct the error after being informed multiple times?  So much for

Could it be that Schneps isn't real news?    LTV Editorial Board


Gary Bettman - Looks like the New Face of Violence Support in NHL

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LIVEONE.TV Editor's Desk

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman appears to be suffering from severe mental collapse as he used his position 'NHL Commissioner' and the power that comes with it to issue huge financial fines at The New York Rangers Hockey Team, Fans and it's management.  What an idiot !!! He issued a $250,000USD fine after the Ranger management called out league for only fining Tom Wilson $5,000

Gary....many people here in New York think Capitals instigator Tom Wilson should be forever banned from the NHL and you removed yesterday.

Apparently Ranger management issued a complaint against the small $5,000 fine issued by the NHL against Wilson which amounts to the league condoning violence.

Gary... the objection is the violence and the Rangers and most of the fans are pissed off you don't care about team safety. Jerk!

Physical fighting and intentional violence MUST NOT be a part of professional hockey.




Jackson, Mississippi's Water Crisis

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Jackson, Mississippi has gone more than two weeks without running water. Tens of thousands of residents have no fresh water to drink, to wash, to brush their teeth, and even flushing their toilet. Some residents are relying on shippments of bottled water from local government or comunity, some rely on the water truck from the National Guard; while others are living on collected rain water and melted snow. 

The city's aged infrustucture broke down after the severe snow storm in Feburary. Similar situations are also occurring in Texas and Minnesota. As the richest country in the world, this crisis is remarkable in the governments failure to take care of basic needs of citizens.

The new Biden Administration has issued orders on infrustrucures, however, it will not improve the situation anytime soon since the infrustrucures needs years to build and improve. There is concern about the time the Health Department and local government will need to end this crisis. 

The local news has reported that running water will be resumed by this weekend amid much uncertainty. With the increasingly severe climate extremes, more needs to be done.


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Reps. ANNA ESHOO and JERRY McNERNEY sent letters to AT&T, Amazon, Charter, Comcast, and other service providers demanding answers as to why they carry Fox News, Newsmax and One America News Network.

The one-sided attempt to silence media makes no mention of the notoriusly dishonest CNN, NPR, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and other stations that have become known as the 'FAKE NEWS' providers.

The congressional members wrote and sent letters to the CEO of AT&T and AMAZON founder JEFF BEZOS demandind answers to questions such as 'Are you planning to continue carrying FOX News, NewsMax and OANN on Amazon Fire TV both now and beyond any contract renewal date? If so, why?

While editors at LIVEONE.TV welcome the scrutiny of media companies one has to wonder why they did not mention CNN, NPR, MSNBC, ABC, CBS?

Congressional members Reps. Anna Eshoo and Jerry McNerney have now landed themselves a rating of 'Low Quality of Character' on FOCUS 535 for their dishonest bias.



MSM Media says MSM partly responsible for what happened at the Capitol

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In an interview with the BBC Megyn Kelly said “Part of the reason we saw what happened at the Capitol here two weeks ago is because there had been a complete lack of trust in the media, and people don’t know where to turn for true information, they don’t trust the media anymore. And it’s a major problem,” 

She also stated that before Trump took office she thought CNN to be fair and factual but after looking at their coverage coverage decided that was no longer true.

‘I remember listening to all of [Trump’s] disparaging comments about CNN when he first became a national figure as a presidential candidate, and I watched a lot of CNN even though I was on Fox. And I was like this is unfair. CNN may be a little boring, but it’s fair and it’s factual. It’s not biased against Trump. Then they spent the next four years proving him right – proving me wrong,” Kelly said.

Pres. elect Biden - facing articles of Impeachment on January 21st

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Developing.......Newly elected Republican Congresswoman Taylor Green, Georgia Congressional District - 14 said Wednesday she will file articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden on January 21st.

She stated that when Biden withheld $1B loan guarantees to the Ukraine government unless they fired the prosecutor investigating the company where his son Hunter Biden received a sweetheart deal is grounds enough for Biden to be removed from office.



Twitter refuses people to dissent from government

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Twitter has deleted the Twitter account of President Trump which promtly was condemmed by world leaders such as Germanys Chancellor Merkel and Mexicos President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

With at least 75 million people voting for Trump and the more than 80 million followers of Trump on Twitter the draconian censorship has shocked the world. 

Twitter in its censorship has shown that it does not accept or allow people to freely disagree with the 2020 election results.  If you voice an opinion on Twitter that the election was rigged, fake, or a fraud...Twitter has shown it is willing to censor or delete or account entirely. You are not allowed to have that opion on Twitter.

Two days ago Twitter suspended Patrick Byrnes Twitter account after he posted articles and opions that the election was rigged. Byrne, former CEO of assembled and has been working with a team of IT professionals, hackers and sleuths to examine and scrutinez data from the 2020 election results.  He is a known libertarian who did not vote for Trump and has stated his effort is to restore integrity the election process yet his opions and posts were censored and finally his Twitter account suspended.

It is hard to imagine this will work out well for Twitter and the peopel they have taken to censoring. To stop, stifle and blacklist those who do not belive the election was honest is truly disgraceful. 



The Scandalous National Debt

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It is well known by the public that the US has a high national debt. With $27 Trillion in debt as of October 2020, it is well beyond the Net GDP of the US. There are four main ways to pay off the debt, raise taxes, cut spending, raise GDP faster than debt, and shift spending toward more job creating fields. 

With the fast growing of the debts and the dropping of GDP in recent years, the high interest costs are crowding out the important public investments for example in education, infrastructures, and others. The US is saddled with debts, and a nation has less to invest when the debt keeps growing like this. In 2019, approximately 62.1%of spending was in mandatory spendings such as health programs, social security, income security, retirements and others. 15.4% of the spending are toward defense, 2.3% in transportations and less than 2% in all other categories, like education at 1.6%, natural resources at 1.1%, and regional development only at 0.6%. With only $3.5 Trillion in GDP and very little invested in public investments, there was a $984 Billions deficit in the 2019 fiscal year.


It is an absolute scandal that the government of the most powerful country cannot figure out the solution to this problem, it only needs some economic and mathematical experts to draft out a doable model and wise enough political figure to execute the plans. However the country would rather fight over how one can rule over another and who can control the 535 seats in congress and instead of focusing on something much urgent and important. It is an outright scandal and complete scandal of the “world’s greatest nation”.

DOJ Richard Pilger - Fake or Incompetent?

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RICHARD PILGER, resigned yesterday from the DOJ where it is believed he worked in the Integrity Section or a unit involved in government integrity in elections.
This is the same civil servant disliked by the liberty movement for ignoring election crimes committed against 2012 Presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul by the Romney campaign. The FBI and DOJ had evidence crimes were committed againt Paul by Romney's political campaign managers but did nothing about it.
Romney campaign managers orchestrated stealing 'DELEGATE VOTES' at GOP State conventions from Candidate Ron Paul - check/ search YouTube 'Charles Nejedly GOP Maine.  CHARLES NEJEDLY was a paid Romney staffer ...on the Romney F.E.C quarterly reports NEJEDLY and his salary are listed  .....CHARLES NEJEDLY was Suspect. #1 Henchman paid by Mitt Romney's official campaign to travel to GOP State conventions to steal delegate votes from Ron Paul.

NEJEDLY travelled to the state of Maine to steal delegates away from Ron Paul - that were recorded on tvideo and posted to YouTube exposing the Romney crimes for the public to see.
The FBI and DOJ with RICHARD PILGER in their ranks refused or never took any action to investigate and Ron Paul suffered as did his many supporters in the election. Ron Paul a doctor and 5 year US Air Force veteran. PILGER decided to do something much different and instead of prosecuting the Romney 2012 campaign operatives who went state to stealing delegates ...PILGER went political and never brought the Romney conduct to record.
RICHARD PILGER and DOJ top brass did nothing about the blatant vote stealing   ...instead the DOJ went after Ron Paul's campaign for payments made to workers of opposing candidates to 'trade sides'  which is legal or a worst a misdemenor. Ron Paul today estimates the DOJ interference may have cost the campaign up to $1M in legal fees.

Paul was speaking on his program hosted on YouTube called the Libery Report with Daniel McAdams out of Texas when he spoke about the details of the 2012 DOJ harrassment last week.
Keep in mind during the 2012 election Candidate Ron Paul was the only candidate who served in the military. Paul was a US Air Force flight surgeon and served 5 years before becoming a medical doctor and later a Congressman. Paul was the strongest anti-war Presidential candidate in American history and received more money in campaign donations from active US military personel than all the other candidates including the sitting president together. The real fighters in government supported him while the DOJ and FBI totally abandoned him.

CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin fired for exposing Penis - on Zoom conference

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CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin has been fired for accidently exposing himself after a Zoom conference call when he apparently believed the meeting finished and the camera off.

Toobin has allegedly apologized to his wife. Speculation as to what Toobin was doing when exposed to the camera has arisen as it seems unlikely CNN's legal team could fine Toobin on the basis of walking past a camera and nude at the same time. 

CNN used Toobin who repeated vile unfounded smears of Republican and anti-war 2012 Presidential Candidate Congressman Ron Paul Texas.  Paul a doctor and 5 year veteran of the United States Air Force was viciously attacked on a personal level repeatedly by Toobin in many CNN broadcasts.

The report came out of VICE News


The Fraud called 'The Commission on Presidential Debates' - Made by the Swamp

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With such a serious sounding name you might think the Commission on Presidential Debates was
a legitimate organization to promote understanding on candidates position. Think again, Presidential
Debate were previously run and managed by the League of Woman voters who continue today to promote
informative debates for many community civil service positions across the nation.

So how did the League of Women Voters lose their moderating position? Members of the Republican and Democrat party
formed The Commission on Presidential Debates, incorporated it and began running the debates themselves. They wanted
to control the format of the debate, the questions asked and all matters related.

"The League of Women Voters is withdrawing its sponsorship of the presidential debate scheduled for mid-October because the demands of the two campaign organizations would perpetrate a fraud on the American voter," League President Nancy M. Neuman said in 1988 as the newly formed commission shoved them out.

NYC Orthodox community protest in borough park on Tuesday night

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Tuesday night, hundreds of Orthodox residents of Borough Park took to the street, defying orders to disperse and lighting a fire in protest of new state-mandated restrictions imposed on area synagogues, schools and non-essential businesses over a COVID-19 surge.


Gov. Cuomo announced on Monday night that certain zip codes that have Covid-19 surge will have restrictions to schools, businesses, and social activities, despite a few days ago NYC entered the next phase of reopening that allows people to dine-in and opens other social activities as well.


There, the lawmaker told the crowd: “We are not going to be deprived of the right that we have in America, like everybody else in America, the right to observe our religion.”

The protests swarmed in numbers later in the night, with demonstrators shutting down 13th Avenue to vehicular traffic.

Things also turned unruly when the crowd lit a rubbish fire after midnight at the intersection of 46th Street and 13th Avenue and chased away two city sheriff’s deputies who responded.

The defiant crowd chanted “Jewish lives matter” as they held their ground.

At about 1:30 a.m., FDNY firefighters and cops put out the flames, to the dismay of the protesters.

The lawmakers said that even though they represent COVID-19 hot-spot neighborhoods, the Cuomo administration had left them in the dark leading up to Tuesday’s decision.

Also brought up by the legislators was Cuomo’s choice to display PowerPoint Images of New York’s Jewish community gathering en masse during his Monday press briefing.

“Governor Cuomo’s choice to single out a particular religious group, complete with a slideshow of photos to highlight his point, was outrageous.


“His language was dangerous and divisive, and left the implication that Orthodox Jews alone are responsible for rising COVID cases in New York State,” the elected officials said.

*Information sourced from New York Post*

Somebody show KANYE WEST the law - HE is already eligible to be President - in EVERY STATE!

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  • scandal

Somebody needs to tell Kanye West that the lawyers at say the rapper is already eligible to run for president in every state as the law stems from the Supreme Court ruling that each U.S. citizen, eligible to vote, has a right to vote for whomever they want to.

This law springs from the Civil Rights Act and the 1971 Voting Rights Act which states eligible US voters have a right to vote for whomever they want to...not just the names on a state ballot. The law ensures each ballot have a line for a write-in vote so voters can write-in the name of the person they want to be President. And vote their conscience.

It isnt that the different states Attorney Generals are being errant so much as they simply have not been brought to court on the issue and made to comply with the 1971 ruling by the Supreme Court.
Currently only 5 states in the union offer the write-in option and then count it for example.

Little known fact is the Lawyers for Ron Paul group made up of lawyers volunteering for the presidential candidate at the time Ron Paul in 2012 sued NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to not only provide a write-in ballot for voters but to actually count their votes too.  Schneiderman refused stating it was a waste of resources and wouldnt go to all the trouble of counting write-in votes.

The arrogance of former NY AG Eric Schniederman was clear from his condescending attitude for NOT  upholding the 1971 Supreme Court ruling. It is this very provision of law that truly equalizes the opportunities for both candidates and voters - Schneiderman had a problemm with it and later eventually resigned from office due to allegations of sexual misconduct. 

Hard to uderstand why the Republican operatives WEST is working with havent made it clear to the rapper?  Maybe they are making big bucks trying to get him on the ballot instead of challenging the illegality of non write in ballots? The latter is a constitutional right as written out of the Civil Rights Act and the 1971 Voting Rights Act.  Hear that KANYE?  Contact the legal team here at LIVEONE.TV if you want the to see the full law on this.

NYPD Police officer busted by FBI - alledgedly infiltrated police department for the Chinese government

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  • scandal

NEW YORK - NYPD officer Baimadajie Angwang, a community affairs officer in the 111 precinct in Queens and a US Army Reservist at Fort Dix, has been arrested for allegedly acting as an agent of China. He appeared in Brooklyn court today for a first appearance. Story developing.

The FBI states that Angwang acted "at the direction and control" of Chinese government officials at the consulate in New York to report on the activities of ethnic Tibetans, assess potential ethnic Tibetan intelligence sources and use his official position at the police department to give consulate officials access to senior NYPD officials.

In the federal complaint, the FBI alledges Baimadajie Angwang violated every oath he took in United States.

NYPD Commissioner Shea said in a statement Baimadajie Angwangbroke several oaths. "One to the United States, another to the U.S. Army, and a third to this Police Department. From the earliest stages of this investigation, the NYPD's Intelligence and Internal Affairs bureaus worked closely with the FBI's Counterintelligence Division to make sure this individual would be brought to justice."

Party On Campus Cause the Biggest On-Campus Outbreak In US

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More than 670 students, about 10 percent of the population at SUNY Oneonta, became infected, forcing the campus to be shut down.


It was the middle of the night when a man in a hazmat suit led a first-year student from her dormitory at SUNY Oneonta to a van as she cried quietly, a scary experience later shared on social media. She had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Later that week, a photo appeared on social media of a dozen infected students partying in an isolation dorm and posing for a selfie, drawing the ire of students, parents and officials.

Those incidents seemed to highlight how SUNY Oneonta in upstate New York had seriously mishandled the pandemic, resulting in the worst outbreak of any college in New York State, with more than 670 cases, totaling about 10 percent of the campus student population.

In terms of the percentage of students infected, it is one of the most notable outbreaks on a campus anywhere in the country.

As a result, officials had to cancel in-person classes for the fall and send students home.

Universities across the country are struggling to resume in-person studying. While some campuses like University of Miami can strictly control the virus as the campus has 0 cases and schools like SUNY Oneonta has plenty.


Outbreaks in universities around the country have shown that perhaps no perfect plan exists. But most experts have agreed that testing should be an important aspect of reopening campuses.


Scientist Worry About Political Influence Affecting the Development of Coronavirus Vaccine

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In April 2020, most of the states in the US were in lockdown. With tens of millions out of jobs. People are waiting for the end of the pandemic.


Given that it typically takes years to develop a vaccine, the timetable for the initiative, called Operation Warp Speed, was incredibly ambitious. With tens of thousands dying and tens of millions out of work, the crisis demanded an all-out public-private response, with the government supplying billions of dollars to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, providing logistical support and cutting through red tape.

It escaped no one that the proposed deadline also intersected nicely with President Trump’s need to curb the virus before the election in November.


Under constant pressure from a White House anxious for good news and a public desperate for a silver bullet to end the crisis, the government’s researchers are fearful of political intervention in the coming months and are struggling to ensure that the government maintains the right balance between speed and rigorous regulation, according to interviews with administration officials, federal scientists and outside experts.


Even in a less politically charged environment, there would be a fraught debate about how much to accelerate the process of trials and approval. The longer that vaccines are tested before being released, the likelier they are to be safe and effective.

But with 1,000 people dying each day in the United States, schools finding it difficult to reopen and the deep recession inflicting economic pain across the country, the desire to find a way to return to normal life is powerful and transcends partisan politics and borders. On Sunday, Russia announced that it planned to start a nationwide inoculation campaign in October with a vaccine that had yet to complete clinical trials, the latest evidence of the global potential for cutting corners.

Despite concerted efforts by the Trump administration and a bevy of pharmaceutical companies it is working with, the original October target has slipped, with the administration now pushing to have hundreds of millions of doses available by the end of the year or early 2021.


“There are a lot of people on the inside of this process who are very nervous about whether the administration is going to reach their hand into the Warp Speed bucket, pull out one or two or three vaccines, and say, ‘We’ve tested it on a few thousand people, it looks safe, and now we are going to roll it out,’” said Dr. Paul A. Offit of the University of Pennsylvania, who is a member of the Food and Drug Administration’s vaccine advisory committee.

“They are really worried about that,” he added. “And they should be.”

Mr. Trump relentlessly touts progress toward a vaccine, raising hopes of quick approval. Touring a North Carolina biotechnology lab last week, he vowed to “deliver a vaccine in record time.” In a tweet last month, he explicitly tied vaccines to his re-election hopes.


*Informations Quoted From New York Times*

China Closes US consulate in Chengdu in response to the closure of Houston Consulate.

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  • scandal

The Trump administration accused Chinese citizens of stealing scientific research and told the country’s diplomats in Texas to leave. Beijing warned it would retaliate.

On July 22nd, The United States has abruptly ordered China to close its consulate in Houston, accusing diplomats of aiding economic espionage and the attempted theft of scientific research as the Trump administration sharply escalates its moves against China.

The Consulate was seen burning documents in the backyard. People living nearby called the fire department thinking the Consulate was on fire. When the fire trucks arrived, they were denied to enter, until 72 hours later when the Chinese Citizens left the Consulate.

China called this action illegal, and vow to retaliate. Even though there was evidence controlled by the F.B.I. to believe the Consulate was used for intelligent purposes. 

The F.B.I. has issued an arrest warrant for a Chinese student or researcher, Tang Juan, who sought refuge in the San Francisco consulate after American investigators discovered she had not disclosed her affiliation with the Chinese military and executed a search warrant to seize her electronic devices, according to the seven-page document. Chinese diplomats across the United States have helped military officers hide their identities, said John C. Demers, the assistant attorney general for national security.

The closing of the consulate in Houston may be less detrimental to the United States’ relations with Beijing than shutting down a different one would be. It is the “sister” diplomatic mission to the American consulate in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus outbreak first emerged. The State Department evacuated its consulate in Wuhan after the initial outbreak; it is not clear when it might fully reopen.


In response, China ordered the US Consulate in Chengdu-- one of the biggest major cities in China-- to close. Chengdu, the capital of China's southwest Sichuan province, was an important diplomatic outpost for the US, covering a large swath of the country, including the controversial Tibetan Autonomous region. Beijing is also considering closing the US Consulate in Chongqing, and Shanghai.


The United States consulate in the Chinese city of Chengdu officially closed Monday morning, amid worsening relations between Beijing and Washington.

The American flag over the building was lowered at dawn, according to Chinese state-run broadcaster CCTV, and onlookers were moved back by police surrounding the consulate as it prepared to shut.

Over the weekend, hundreds of people had gathered outside the US consulate in the city of 16.5 million people, taking selfies and waving Chinese flags.

"Today, we bid farewell to the US Consulate General in Chengdu. We will miss you forever," the mission's official post said.


*Informations Quoted from New York Times, CNN, and CCTV.*

Hospital In Queens Spent $52 million to treat 79 patients

  • scandal

Due to the high number of patients, the Queens Hospital Center was at triple of its capacity. The U.S.T.A. Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens was transformed into a temporary hospital in April.

On April 10th, the temporary hospital was opened to relieve the overwhelmed hospitals, had hundreds of beds and scores of medical professionals trained to treat virus patients. But for the entire month it remained open it only treated 3 patients from the Queens Hospital Center emergency department. Overall it cost $52 million and treated 79 patients. 

New York paid as much as $732 an hour for some doctors at Billie Jean King, but the city made them spend hours on paperwork. They were supposed to treat coronavirus patients, but they did not accept people with fevers, a hallmark symptom of the virus. Officials said the site would serve critically ill patients, but workers said it opened with only one or two ventilators.

“I basically got paid $2,000 a day to sit on my phone and look at Facebook,” said Katie Capano, a nurse practitioner from Baltimore who worked at Billie Jean King. “We all felt guilty. I felt really ashamed, to be honest.”


*information quoted from New York Times*


  • scandal
  • scandal

That EDWARD SNOWDEN and JULIAN ASSANGE have hugely popular bases in the United States is rarely reported but this voting block is educated and not small. Both President Trump and Biden have all but avoided talking about any leniency for either man.

An online review of events held for the two men show there is widespread support for the freedom of both with a base of many millions. 

How many millions of Bernie's supporters will vote on one issue?

Let EDWARD SNOWDEN return to United States if not a hero then at least to receive a fair trial (that is his suggestion).

Receiving a fair trial means he tells the jury why he shared government information. And not in the Rocket Docket court filled with government jury citiziens. And Julian Assange? ....for starters must not be treated differently than the NYTimes. 

LIVEONE.TV - editorial board.  

An ugly election scandal of 2012 was MITT ROMNEY and REINCE PRIEBUS stealing the delegates from RON PAUL who was easily ahead in votes against ROMNEY. RON PAUL - leader of the Liberty movement has interviewed EDWARD SNOWDEN and is very sympathic towards the former NSA worker. RON PAUL and his son SENATOR RAND PAUL are connected and in touch with the growing liberty movement whose vote could easily determine a winner on one topic: FREEDOM FOR SNOWDEN and ASSANGE.

When will any major media news outlets ask PRESIDENT TRUMP and candidate BIDEN their position on SNOWDEN?

How does BIDEN or PRESIDENT TRUMP support the severe punishment of ASSANGE but not the NYTimes?

Once this topic enters the discussion both campaigns will will risk losing if they ignore EDWARD SNOWDEN and JULIAN ASSANGE.


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FAKE NEWS mainstream media is getting slammed for pushing fmr. Trump National Security advisor JOHN BOLTON's new book and pretending BOLTON has anything to offer that would improve the lives of Americans.

Listening to BOLTON lecture on international relations is to fete a sad fearful man who often advocates the United States war and regime change and carelessly throw the youth of the country into harms way. BOLTON specializes in bedtime lullabys for the Council on Foreign Relations but holds no stature in politics today.

BOLTON worked for 2012 Presidential candidate loser MITT ROMNEY as a foreign relations advisor. Both of them were taken down inside the Republican party by congressman and Presidential candidate RON PAUL whose message of liberty was in stark contrast to the awful vison of ROMNEY and BOLTON world of endless war. 


JOHN LENNON - Rare book find in New York

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A BEATLES Complete song anthology book owned by JOHN LENNON has surfaced in New York. Although thousands of articles have been written on JOHN LENNON and the famous band as well - none have ever included the fact that JOHN LENNON took piano lessons.

The book was brought by JOHN LENNON to his piano classes so LENNON could polish up on his own songs using the piano instead of his regular guitar. He met Juillard trained piano teacher BILL FRITCHMAN when he and YOKO ONO moved into a million dollar mansion on the ocean to spend their summer. 

The oceanside mansion was owned by land developer and agent for photogrtapher Irving Penn Bob Baird who many years later sold it to Ralph Lauren. The exquiste ocean mansion situated off the old Montauk highway in the Hamptons was the LENNON ONO retreat during a summer in the early 1970s. LENNON took his piano lesssons here.

BILL FRITCHMAN, was a Masters student at Juillard Music School in NYC and died three years ago at age 96. After the estate settled the book was in the hands of IAN SNOW who says although the book does not have a signature LENNON did write in the book and marked a few pages with his own hand. LENNON actually crossed out the publishers lyrics for ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and wrote in the correct words above. These are more than typo correction - they are word corrections LENNON's own hand.

SNOW says there is ample lineage evidence the book is real and that YOKO ONO could easily confirm that LENNON took the lessons from FRITCHMAN - something never written or recorded about until now. 

SNOW says he will be bringing the book to an upcoming video podcast where more details will follow including plans for the book. He says the book is important in the same way as the Magna Carta or founding documents of The Church of England.