LAWSUIT COMPLAINT . vs. ECO-HEALTH ALLIANCE President Peter Daszak - Manhattan Supreme Court

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New York attorney Patricia Finn Esq. filed a lawsuit against Dr. Peter Daszak, President of EcoHealth Alliance and others on August 2nd, 2023 in Manhattan Supreme Court for knowingly engaging in adnormally dangerous research.


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Journey of the Menils

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By Alexandra Greer,

In the fringe of Houston’s museum district behind a shady row of oak trees sits the Menil Collection. The minimalist gallery is a hidden icon of the Houston art scene with a rich history.

From France to New York and finally Houston, John and Dominique Menil have collected art encompassing many millennia and countries in the Menil Collection. The museum has an unassuming low profile with grey paneling that tells the story of what they hope to achieve with their collection- art with a purpose.

The couple challenged themselves to go beyond making art accessible, creating spaces in which art impacts surrounding communities, and challenges the elitist atmosphere surrounding high art.

Upon arrival in New York, the Menils were swiftly introduced to the modern art scene, befriending curators, gallery owners and artists, learning the dos and don’ts of collecting. Here is where their love of ancient art, and especially African sculpture, first bloomed.

It was the inexplicable feelings conjured by such pieces that pushed the couple to take what they gathered from New York- art, advice, friends, style- and kickstarted a budding art community in Texas.

Their reverence of African and other indigenous art forms permeates the Menil Collection, where naturally lit open spaces showcase sculptures of wood, ivory, and bronze and offer a look into early interpretations of the human form.

The Menils understood ancient art as a launch pad of inspiration for art spanning both time and space, explaining the collection’s comparatively larger dedication to art predating the 19 th century from Africa, the Americas, Byzantine, and other regions.

The museum clearly upholds the progression of art styles and inspirations, crediting indigenous cultures with the birthing of art and its role in temporal and spiritual life, and the awareness that without the preservation and study of these pieces, we would be robbed of the art we have today.

The Menil Collection takes special care to celebrate modern accomplishments in art, and how artists aim to reflect multifaceted aspects of life, both the mundane and the extraordinary.

Surrealism, postwar and 80s street photography. One could not exist without the other. All different in style and meaning but with one identical overarching theme- the influence of the world teeming around them. Whether they are warping abstract interpretations onto canvases or are accurately capturing daily life, each piece tells an important story.

Stories characterized by truth and lies, love and pain, some beautiful, some horrific, all accurate depictions of the beauty of diversity, a virtue in society to be upheld and celebrated. Pieces from renowned artists, such as Max Earnst, Andy Warhol, and Man Ray, alongside the typically underrated art of the ancient world in the Menil Collection is testament to their hope that visitors will recognize how strongly art is a reference to the struggles and victories of all people, and the celebration of both being integral to life’s journey.

Where in a typical museum, one might view an inclusion of non-European art as the satisfying of colonialist tendencies and harmful exoticism, the Menils strived to preserve the integrity of groups from both the past and present.

How we can learn from our ancestors and their true history, and how we can adapt those teachings to gain greater insight into ourselves.

The Menils lifelong work of curating an art scene in Houston characterized by high art and activism is alive and well into today. Their organization has created countless scholarships, free programs and funding for architectural projects throughout the city, as well as free admission in the Menil Collection, public events, and open access to museum archives.


Eat Well or Die Trying - Alexandra Greer

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Food is a living art that is veiled under the mundanity of routine and necessity, where perfectly spiraled fusilli, creamily pungent goat cheese, visibly spiced mortadella, and sweetened wrinkly dates that jam in the mouth are lost in the quick blur of life. Can the subtle magic in an everyday task be not only preserved but also celebrated? Something as beautifully intimate as the act of eating and nourishing the self has been devalued by our profit-driven society.


When the body feels good, so does the mind and soul; food affects our physical, mental, and spiritual matter. But as our society has shifted from living off the land to a reliance on technology and industry, we have become severely disconnected from what we eat. It’s become a mystery that we don’t know if we can trust, warping our connection into a secretive dystopian relationship.

Like most industries, the agricultural sector prioritizes efficiency and profit over integrity. To achieve these goals, biotechnology company Monsanto has created a slew of genetically modified crops with pesticides and herbicides bred into the DNA structure of seeds.

Strains of potatoes, tomatoes, corn, and even cotton have been altered on their genetic level to suit the capitalistic needs of its producers. Crops are now bred with chemicals to last longer, resist weather forces, have higher nutritional value, and stay fresher longer, chemicals with long term effects that have yet to be tested. To further increase profit off these modified seeds, they are protected under federal law as the intellectual property of these companies, preventing American farmers from replanting seeds the following year, eradicating the natural cycle of planting and replanting seeds which allows for genetic diversity.

Consumers are now forced to take special care in order to escape the modern artificiality of food, even on the most natural level. This creates a cultural misunderstanding that our food satisfies heavily monetized and industrialized values and must fulfill a role other than what it is, an earthly extension of ourselves. And it’s essential for our well-being to see food as the sacred gift that it is.

Our physical separation from food coupled with the industry’s obscurity in the growing process clouds our appreciation of what we eat, so we assign it a lesser importance in our lives.

We eat to live when we should live to eat and care for the body. This severance distorts our relationship with food, leading to disordered eating habits, damaged body image and overall

poorer mental health. With a reverence and appreciation for food that grounds us to the earth, it garners a deeper respect for the biosphere that we inhabit. This positive outlook on life and feelings of connection contributes to better mental health, on top of a happy belly.

Now you see the beauty in food again, how can we reflect this in our actions that influence not just the self but the world? A great start is preparing your own food. Instead of running to the bodega for your usual bacon egg and cheese made by some guy named Ralph, you can make it yourself. And while you do, thank the bacon before you put it on the pan, think of the chicken that laid the egg before you crack it, and be gracious towards yourself and the environment for providing your body with richly dreamy sustenance.

It sounds morbid to think about the dead animal you will soon eat, but it forces us to face the reality of our food and cracks at the problem of disconnection. Once cooking becomes a daily practice, begin taking time to pay attention to what you buy in the store, where it comes from, what’s in it, and how it’s made. If it’s from a faraway place, consider buying from closer to your state or city. A great way to access local food while interacting with your community are farmers markets. Queen’s Farmers Market in Astoria has a great collection of stands along Steinway St. in Astoria Queens New York selling a wide variety of produce and other artisanal goods at affordable prices.

You not only help yourself to form a better relationship with food but are also actively supporting local businesses who are trying to share the same message with the rest of the world.

These steps are great starting places to grow a deeper relationship with food on a healthy foundation of gratitude. Feeding ourselves with intention and mindfulness, accounting for what the body and mind truly need rather than eating out of convenience allows us to care for

ourselves on the most basic level while also promoting a sustainable lifestyle. This eating with intent coupled with a piqued interest in food opens us to the full potential of experiencing food to its greatest extent, grounding us to the earth we live on while uplifting us to the best version of ourselves. It takes time, but we can take small steps just by taking more time to enjoy and savor our food and rituals surrounding it. We are one with our food, it’s time we act like it.

Treat yourself well. Eat happy.

Elon Musk sues Wachtell law firm to recoup fees from Twitter buy out

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In the last few months Elon Musk re-organized Twitter under his X Corporation.

Last Wednesday, X Corp sued the lawfirm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, in a California Superior Court in San Francisco to recouip most of the fees resulting from the buyout.

Musk bought the company for $44B and many people including Musk have said he overpaid for the bird app. There was much speculation he would back out from purching Twitter or if he did it would be a greatly reduced price as he alleged the company had for less genuine users than reported.

Instead with the law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz he was forced to close and paid the $44B without the issue of fake accounts or bots being much of an element in the final negotiation. 

Musk is now suing the lawfirm claiming it overbilled by including 'success' fees when the transition to Musk took place on October 27th, 2022. X Corp is seeking to recover most of the $90M it paid the lawfirm claiming the firm exploited Twitter.

The bird app is now facing increasing competition from Facebook's new 'Threads' which offers a similar platform for posting content.

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Expressions on Food ~ Discovering the Art of the Cuban sandwhich

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By Alexandra Greer ~

Manhattan is a menagerie of migrants, immigrants, and natives, densely packed and working to establish a life in a city known for its boundless forms of expression and identity.

Nestled amid the tumultuous hustle of city streets are spaces in which people from around the world convene to foster communities, and these public spheres typically take shape in the form of restaurants. But in a city with no singular dominating identity, authentic food is integral to the cultivation of various cultures occupying a 5-mile radius, and the individuality of a person creating a home away from home.

I set off to understand the importance of cultural food in Manhattan, specifically through Cuban cuisine, and how it contributes to the idealistic portrayal of New York as a global city. At each restaurant I ordered a Cuban sandwich, a proudly nationalistic dish that is a staple at every Cuban establishment with few deviations from the norm.

My journey began at Café Habana in Soho. Its metal store front stood out from its chic brick neighbors, with a white and blue awning advertising their famed elote. This establishment played into a picturesque Havana vibe with checkered tile floor, painted palm leaves on cream-colored walls and bright paintings of bodacious women in bathing suits. I sat at the bar and watched as the cooks prepared food amid the open flames of a large flat top.

My waitress recommended the Cuban sandwich which she claimed was a favorite among regulars and staff members, along with a side of elote. Although it’s typically associated with Mexican street food, Café Habana’s elote checked all the boxes of what makes good street corn. Amply covered in a creamy mayonnaise-based sauce, Cotija cheese, chili and lime, one’s face is effectively covered in cheese, sauce and corn kernels after every heavenly mouthful, completing the messily delicious corn experience.

The Cuban sandwich didn’t disappoint either—a steaming pile of juicy pulled pork wedged between two slices of ham, pickles and melting white cheese trailed behind each bite down to the last mouthful. The crunch of the toasted bread and pickles contrasted against the tender meat and gooey cheese for a texture-filled bite. Yet its attempts to portray itself as modish and the emphasis on aesthetics overshadowed the comforting familiarity that comes along with cultural food. But there’s a reason why Café Habana is frequented by Cubans and foreigners alike; the food is good. Really good. Not the kind that exactly mimics your grandmother’s cooking, but the resemblance is there.

From there I ventured uptown to Tina’s Cuban, an understated buffet style place effaced with a red awning and the restaurant’s name delicately etched in cursive. Here, if you aren’t speaking Spanish you’re an outlier. Upon walking in, the women working behind the counters greet with a unanimous hola and cómo puedo ayudarte? For the same price as Café Habana, Tina’s had slightly less to offer. No side of fries, no heaping pile of pulled pork between two thin slices of bread. The lone pressed sandwich was not trying to be something more than what it really was. It wasn’t perfect—the slab of pork was slightly too fatty and the pickles made the bread a bit soggy, but its imperfections represented something more.

It was clear this establishment operated out of convenience for workers to pause their busy day and bond with others over food they grew up eating. There were no decorations on the yellowed walls and the chairs were sticky, but its unassuming appearance felt more like you were eating at someone’s home who so compassionately took the time to share their food and geniality with you. The sound of people swapping stories and opinions in Spanish makes one forget you’re around the corner from E 5 th Ave instead of some quiet side street in Cuba. It’s a meeting ground for those who are constantly transforming what it now means to be an immigrant.

For groups who may not have a strong centralized community, these types of restaurants that allow immigrants to partake in cultural practices in safe public spheres are crucial to upholding authentic cultural identities. For the price, the food alone may not be worth it, but for how the experience quells the dull ache of homesickness—no matter where you’re from, it just might be.

The diversity of New York’s population is a large contributor to the city’s appeal, yet this diversity can only be sustained if various groups have the space to engage in traditional cultural practices away from the fanciful allure of more modern establishments. Having the option of both, however, creates a new era in which tradition and modernism form a hybrid immigrant experience which blends norms from one’s home country (language and food) with the style and aesthetics of city life. Havana NY in the Garment District does just that.

Walking up to a two story building sandwiched between lofty midrises and office buildings, the false balcony beckoned me inside and I knew I was in for an experience. Decorative brick archways and large muralism paintings depicting various facets of Cuban life adorned the walls, in a space that felt upscale and contemporary, yet true to tradition. This meddling of styles was also reflected in the patrons. At the bar, a businessman grabs a quick bite while conversing with the bartender in Spanish. In a corner table, a small group of friends catch up over a long, drawn out meal. A family of five sit in the opposite corner, too busy with their food to speak to each other.

In typical Cuban style, most dishes are served with a side of crisp plantain chips, along with a tangy salad. The usual suspects of ingredients were all present, nothing out of place. Havana NY knows not to mess with what already works, instead they aim to perfect each element. The mojo pork was bright, salty and citrusy, it alone could serve as a dish with no accompaniment. The bread was buttery, with the perfect amount of mustard spread for a subtle bitterness to compensate for the heavy meats and cheese, which was slightly sticky but still worked well. Every component, amazing on its own, effortlessly balanced each other out with the utmost precision. This is a no muss no fuss sandwich with classy presentation that maintains its overseas origins. For anyone looking for a slightly higher end meal inundated with a starkly Cuban style, this is it.

The New York cultural food scene is a revolving door of styles and trends adorning indelible ethnic identities. What’s in, what’s out, and what has been ingrained in us by an infallible heritage. Restaurants such as these that integrate cultural food that isn’t typically associated with urbanism into a metropolitan scene not only makes the inaccessible readily available, but bridges the gap between a sense of familiarity and newness. For many, it eases the processes of building a home in a foreign land while maintaining one’s ancestral roots. While the presentation and aesthetics reflect younger generations claiming a new sense of individuality, the message will always be the same—I am proud of where I come from and to share it with the world.


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Alphabet owns Google and YouTube. The company was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

The Google company and YouTube have been have been embroiled in controversary after YouTube banned, censored and removed users videos who suggested the 2020 Presidential election was rigged and that there are alternatives to the Covid-19 vaccine including not getting the shot at all.

Here is the company latest announcement oublished on the YouTube blog:

We will stop removing content that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches occurred in the 2020 and other past US Presidential elections. This goes into effect today, Friday, June 2. As with any update to our policies, we carefully deliberated this change.

The approach of YouTube years after the fact to finally allow open debate comes too late and these delays in some instances have had deadly consequences. 


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New York County and State Boards and the Department of Education have decided to end the use of native American Indian names for school and state institutions creating uproar. 

A Massapequa Long Island council vote to remove the word 'chief' from city job titles is on hold while other board members have stated the move is provoking devision.

Patriot Jack Teixeira - Exposes Corruption inside PENTAGON and BIDEN Presidency - Arrested by Feds

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A National Guardsmen in an Intelligence wing shared dicuments that appear to be official PENTAGON plans in the war against RUSSIA.

This disclosures, if true, show the UNITED STATES is now in a hot war with RUSSIA contrary to official government statements.

RUSSIA is the second largest stockpiler of nuclear weapons and has within the last year made several statements that the war could become a nuclear conflict at any moment.

The National Guardman is 21 year old JACK TEIXEIRA is from North Dighton Mass and was arrested yesterday by heavily armed soldiers.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the arrest and Teixeira has been charged with at least two charges one of which is the Espinoge Act.

The documents were shared on the social media platform Discord and contradict official government statements on the purpose of NATO forces in Europe.

Already many are calling TEIXEIRA to be released as his disclosres reveal far more serious crimes being committed by PRESIDENT BIDEN and PENTAGON Chiefs.

Photos Jack Teixeira and his family.

Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok blocks LIVEONETV on Twitter

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Today Fmr. FBI Agent Peter Strzok blocked LIVEONETV on Twitter after being asked if he was involved in any case involving Patrick Byrne. The former FBI agent made headlines when text messages between Strzok and DOJ Lisa Page were made public showing a signficant personal bias against the subject of an FBI investigation that Peter Strzok was heading.

The subject of the investigation was Dondal Trump, a leading candidate in the 2016 Presidential race. The text messages included Strzok stating he was stop Trump from becoming President. Strzok also worked on the Mueller investigation into alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign until he was removed by Robert Mueller following the disclosure of the texts.

Peter Strzok was fired from the F.B.I. in Auguest 2018.

LIVEONETV posted the above question 'Did you work on an FBI case involving Patrick Byrne or know of a case involving Patrick Byrne to Strzok's Twitter page this morning. Peter Strzok did not answer the question and quickly blocked our company.

Patrick Byrne is the founder of Overstock and is currently working within The America Project to improve election integrity in the country. Byrne has been involved with the FBI notably in reporting vulnerabilities in the 'naked short selling' of securities on Wall Street and a case involving Hillary Clinton that is expected to become more fully understood when the John Durham report is released.

U.S. Department of Energy releases state - Covid-19 likely a Lab Leak

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After more than a year of Big Tech companies and US governmental agencies censoring voices who suggested the Covid-19 coronavirus may have been the result of a lab leak the U.S. Department of Energy has made a sharp turn and last week released their own statement statng the virus likely started in a lab. 

Anthony Fauci who until recently was Director of NIH, National Institute of Health, a component of NIAID, National Institute of Allergies and Infetious Diseases, did not appear to support the finding and told reporters we may never know the source of the leak.

Anthony Fauci was in charge of the nations National Response to the virus and pandemic and is now caught up in new revelations that he may have been involved with decisions made by NIH to award a grant to ECO-HEALTH Alliance in New York that gave a sub-grant to the Wuhan Lab to conduct gain of function research contrary to US law.

Gain of function research, GoF research, works to make a virus more lethal and transmissible and thereefor more deadly. Proponents of the reseach suggest the finding are used to anticipate emerging and future disease outbreaks and to create vaccines needed to combat them once they have started spreading.

Accordng the the White House website for rchives President Obama suspended GoF research so it is unclear why NIH and ECO-HEALTH Alliance would go forward with it anyway.

The reckless action of sponsoring GoF research, which amounts to a bioweapon and inside China china in an unsecure lab has brought Fauci and the NIH board and committees into the scandal spotlight as the virus resulted in the deaths of millions of people. Many more were hospitalized with severe injuries and financial losses.


Only the Capitol Mouse House can Save us Now

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Political action groups from both parties have long discussed how to bring about lasting peace and have always been resoundly unsuccesful.

Hundreds of lawyers and lawsuits are filed to stop their elected members in Congress from waging unconstitutional wars, regime changes, suffocating taxation and mass warrantless surveillance.

Enraged, many American's have used violence in a futile effort to bring about political change so many desire result in anguish and largely defeat.

There is a non violent solution that must be tried. The same fervor Americans enjoy following sports teams, the stats of the player, the coaches, leagues and long seasons can be brought to an intense scrutiny of the 535 Congressian representatives.

Americans who refuse to talk politics and the young must see a purpose to putting their valuable time into following such a messy confusing group. They need to dispence with many long labels of habit. Republic - Democrate, left-wing - right-wing have no meaning. Both parties support endless wars, violating the constitution, regime change and suffocating taxation and the Police state.

Instead we start with identifying which members vote in line with the Constitution?  Who supports a Fed audit? A full audit - not just auditing the salaries of the people who work there and the Fed's operating expenses. Audit the money given overseas. The is no authorization in the Constitution to take your money and send it overseas. But nothing should stop American's from using their own money and sending it overseas if they want to.

It is not an egregious violation of the Constitution to help other countries in times of emergencies like natural disasters. It is not an egregious violation to use US aircraft carriers to help supply countries after earthquakes with food or after tsunami's and typhoons to desalinate their water or provide emergency medical care and essential services.

To get millions more people interested in what congress does requires it being interesting to follow. The intense critical evaluation of each member's statements, positions and votes needs to be Gamified like following a soccer game.

The stages of legislation and understanding the stages will require learning some new words 'legislation, filibuster, amendment, adjourn, bill, budget resolution, codification, inherent rights, jurisdiction, roll call, upper lower house, etc.

Millions of people with not formal education follow sports and have learned intricate words and phrases, the entire names of multiple teams, seasonal team goals. The data load sports fans manage is not small.

Why hasn't it happened already? Tracking the representatives who are inside Congress, controlling the purse strings and stealing the Cheese? Because politics without humor is a thankless endeavour, heartbreaking and not at all fun.

I worked for Ralph Nader and RonPaul. It's Nader's idea to gamify the work of Congress. And Ron Paul often said if you're going to start a revolution you better have fun because it is hard work.

I Congress were rid of the abject rank corruption it would send a message to the world and set an example that other nations would seek to emulate. 

Enter - The Capitol Mouse House and Focus 535.

Dishonest to the Core: Enter George Santos (R) newly elected Congressman

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Dishonest to the Core and many woud say corrupt too George Santos was elected to the House of Representative in the last midtem elections November 2022.

Santos, a Republican, was elected to New York's 3rd Congressional district after falsifying employment history on his resume and even claiming to be Jewish wheras he isn't.

What will the response be by New Yorkers, proud Latinos and Jews as the newly elected fraud takes office and power to legislate any day now?

Santos was to take the Congressional Oath of Office yesterday but Republicans were unable to elect a Majority to select a House Speaker first. He was seen siting in Congress alone as the other rodents didn't want to be too close to a Republic Rat.

It's not unusual at all for Congressional members to sell their constituents out by what is shocking is the speed with which this betrayal happened.

Calls to Republicans and Republican Clubs have started calling for Santos to be dimissed and removed from power immediately. Some dissatisfied Republican voters may leave the Republican party and in droves.

@LiveONE_tv on Twitter will be following closely and seeing just how far the Queasy Rat Santos gets inside of Washington's Capitol Mouse House.

So far both sides of te aisle have done little more than fume before the cameras expressing outrageuos indignation!  In reality, it is a tired theatrical ritual they play out and both parties have welcomed the Rat with open arms. 


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In the November 2022 Election voters in Queens New York elected Republcan George Santos who is due to be sworn into office in a matter of days. What has just become known nationwide is that Santos lied to his constituents that he was Jewish - he's not, that he worked for Goldman Sachs.

The completely unapologetic Santos told Tulsi Gabbard in an interview he just made some mistakes when he embellished his resume- he didn't do anything different than President Joseph Biden who has been lying for 40 years he said.

The plight he has given the people of Long Island and Queens cannot be overstaed. Hopefully a District attorney will investigate Santos and have him tossed. 

If the House Ethics Committee allows Santos to remain in power expect voters dissapointment to be replaced with extreme anger towards the House. The abject lying is a threat to the interests of not only New York residents but the whole country.

Appearing alongside former Presidential candidate and Congreswoman from Hawai Tulsi Gabbard Santos had trouble defining integrity. is Home to the Capitol Mouse House and George Santos makes out work even more important than yesterday. The Capitol Mouse House is a serious project using humor to rid Congress of untrusty members like George Santos. He is clearly a sick man who cannot be trusted and if he isn't removed from Congress the people of New York will finshed and their dreams dead. 

Find out more about the Capitol Mouse House and Ambassador Rat by supporting our station.
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NFT Nightmare by Sam Fishman

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Thursday July 28, 2022  - NFT Nightmare by Sam Fishman.  

Hello!  I'm an investor and my history with NFT's spans a few months.  It is an emotionally and financially painful experience!  I hope you never go through it, but I do hope you have an interesting read of my experience and thoughts on NFT's!  I’m going for sophisticated here so get out your glasses that help people realize how intelligent you are, and your books and read a little bit.  This article is a good chance for reading too.


What I did in seemingly intelligent fashion was honing in quickly on what seemed to be a top of the line NFT from a company that looked amazing and it looked like the work they were doing was awesome.  People in the space on their discord and at events the company hosted were also holding the concept that this was like the best NFT out there.  What the NFT is is a personal AI that I was told could generate their own music, art, could copyright, and would be upgraded many times to be able to do exponentially more exciting things.. I had to bail because the company turned out to be crappy.  They didn't know value at a more core level, they knew what seemed technologically cool and knew how to create a surface level awesome looking product…


The truth is you need to have empathy to design a product that's truly great for humanity, or is deeply useful for people.  To make something seriously awesome you need to care for every inch of the process of creating it!  That did not happen here.  I lost tens of thousands of dollars.  Ouch.  A company that truly cares will make every bit of the process: price, design, experience, etc. all work for you and your convenience, not for them and their convenience.  A company that doesn’t care will rob you of your energy, time, and money with or without your noticing :’ c


 The experience of going through this got me out of the NFT space myself.  Most of the NFT's on the market are priced based on cultural mindset that as long as you feel like people will pay $5000, or $12000 for your NFT then you can reasonably charge that much for an [exclusively owned!] digital art piece.  This is an elitist economy that has and will continue to hurt people and make them feel shitty about early investment decisions they’ve made.  Truly: it's a bad thing to price as much as 90+% of the market is charging.  Elitism is not something we should celebrate - instead we should be cautious around people who are supportive of elitist mentalities!  This is a culture that is at a deeper level all about preserving a culture of fellow rich cats [known as “whales” in the community.  Not a good look for real whales from the ocean], and (elitism is about) admiring wealth more than life itself at some level of the individual's thinking...because it makes you feel important and admired, such as if you own a certain NFT.  By the way you lose this importance and value if you lose your wealth, and you’re tossed out like a rat may be tossed out of the Capital Mouse House if they don’t stand by certain ideas their supporters are in favor of! : O



A lot of elistism in this NFT space at present, I see good things too but mostly filled with false value.  Little chance for more love to come through in much of the art because of the pricing problem and the mentality of the space itself.  With that said, again, there are some good NFT's that are more reasonably, or even cheaply priced and I've found a few of these to be some of the more beautiful pieces of art that I've found in general.  If you look for those and avoid the nightmare of getting trapped in a bad investment like I did [even if it's a lower...mid-sized investment on your part] you can enjoy the space without getting sucked into a facade.  This is decent: but still kinda pricey!


This is at least kind of cool, cuz it's still around $200 a card! 
[For reference I bought all five pieces of Exodia as a kid for $100]


Think of it this way: You could buy one of these or a new bose headset:


You could buy one of these: or feed 400+ families at a food bank through a generous donation!


You could buy a cryptopunk or rock 7 TESLA's for you and your extensive crew.  Or 14 depending on how the seller feels that day!


You took a picture of a mountain and are charging clear of $2000 for it:

The mountains are definitely calling...but I don't think they were calling for this.


Good pieces go for as cheap as $1.50 and can still be awesome..while it is rare it is also out there..


But overall: money can be better spent.


If artists can find exposure and charge moderately for their sales that sounds like a good thing.  The Blockchain has the potential to do more than the NFT fad though…in other cases outside of NFT’s.  The blockchain, which is the technology in the background that allows all cryptocurrencies to function, and is like a ledger where all the transactions that are made on Ethereum, or Bitcoin, or Dogecoin are tracked systematically in a more or less secure way depending on the Blockchain they’re running.


Blockchain technology may be used in the future to get rid of middlemen in the global shipping industry and create faster shipping times at lower cost.  The Blockchain is good at tracking whatever you program it to track.  So tracking shipping containers is an interesting application and I came across a company that is working on that although it was sketchy I’ll I’m wondering if someone will do it better and if it can be done for shipping because our global supply chain shortage is a big issue!


So I'm wondering if it could help in the situation happening as of right now in the world..


I ordered shoes from Australia..that was two months ago (where are they..where are these shoes bc I don't know and have contacted the company probably thrice!) Global shipping could be upgraded through technology backed by Blockchain making precise calculations with the entire shipping line as part of the calculations of supercomputers that are not trying to skim money off the top or anything like that and having no self-interest in the decision making!  Let’s see it happen, I’m sounds like a useful application right?


Second application of Blockchain that I believe could be [truly] useful: I've heard that Blockchiain could be used to help track victims of child slavery, kids in underground mines doing forced labor and being beaten and worse in some parts of Africa for instance.  So that's more of my interest...tracking things, or people, in large and more complicated systems.  This seems to be a [to me] a more useful application for Blockchain!  Yay futurism!


I'll say this regarding NFT's :  It's pretty interesting to see what has been done when an entire community of people who aren't even necessarily practicing or doing art [and also those who have indeed been involved in art] all get access at the same time to being able to create and release their work for others.  There's a lot of NFT's out there but you have to know how to find value or its a quagmire.  


I know that especially younger folks want the alternative to a boring work life that robs us of who we are – but there are better solutions out there than what’s…popping.. in the NFT space! 

Again - contrary to some folks I don't think this stuff is saving the world : D :

Sam Fishman is a reporter for LIVEONE.TV.  In addition to writing articles on new interesting developments such as NFT's or AI, he likes filling in the gaps in knowledge and understanding on big picture topics in general


Celebrity Culture and Harry Styles

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Saturday July 23nd 2022 Celebrity Culture by Tran Tran

Texas State University has recently announced a course on Harry Styles, a heavily admired celebrity, will be available for student enrollment next spring.

Centuries ago, the only acceptable idols were religious figures such as Jesus or Muhamed, perhaps maybe Kings or Queens if a person lived in a monarchy. Fame carried a different connotation in the past as the only path to fame or recognition was through world renowned achievement.

Alexander the Great conquered large nearly 1/3rd of the world before the age of thirty and legends such as Galileo have discovered entire planets.

Nowadays, ordinary people such as the Kardashians can achieve acclaim purely through personality and theatrical mediums. People do not need to contribute to humanity to be famous, now, one can become known for being entertaining or even intentionally foolish.

Texas State University is exploring celebrity culture and how icons such as Styles are revolutionizing the way the younger generation perceive social hierarchy. Individuals in Hollywood are influencing teenage life exponentially.

If a fifteen year old girl blurts out she likes Harry Styles at a party, it’s certain she’ll leave the night with a dozen new friends. The actors a person likes, their favorite singers, the models plastered on their walls, all of these celebrities have been integrated into an average American teenager’s identity.

And what of Harry Styles? He has contributed enormously to music and pop culture, of course, but he hasn’t cured cancer or made flying cars. Despite this, the celebrity phenomenon inspires the public to be obsessed over his every move, paparazzi following him and his social circles.

Recently, another celebrity, Kylie Jenner, has been under social scrutiny over taking short private flights, little as three minutes, that come at the cost of the environment’s expense.

One hour in a private jet emits approximately two tons of carbon an hour, to put that into perspective, the average American’s carbon footprint is sixteen tons. This is not to say private jets should be banned. This is to bring into question the top one percent of the population and why people idolize or identify with them despite the fact that the individual is not necessarily a good person.

Shared edits of celebrities, mass-produced posters of their faces, skincare being released in their names, idolization has been spiraling rapidly. Bread and circus certainly does please the public, but how much of the attention they receive is actually deserved?

Collectively, there are bigger issues in the world than Kendall Jenner chopping a cucumber in a strange way or Kayne West having beef with Taylor Swift.

Tran Tran is a reporter for In addition to articles on celebrity culture she has focused her attention on science issues.


Filmmaker Robert C. DiMaio visits Ambassador Rat at LIVEONETV HQ in New York

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Do you know Robert C. DiMaio?
Hot Spot in Astoria ~

Filmmaker Robert DiMaio when he isn't busy working with actress Meryl Streep on literacy projects is the Executive Director at The Artist Archive.

Today the director made a personal visit to LIVEONE.TV Studios in Long Island City - Astoria to see the Capitol Mouse House in person.

The Capitol Mouse House is getting quite a bit of attention now that the NYC Emergency Management office just released an advisory to increase the chance of survival in the event of a nuclear attack on New York

NYC Mayor Eric Adams confirmed yesterday the nuclear threat advisory on the Big Apple is real and is a response to the Ukrainian war with Russia that has suddenly turned into a hot war.

People are learning fast why we say around LIVEONE.TV ....Not the government, rich or mainstream media. Only the Capitol Mouse House can Save us Now.

Two New York Attorneys - Plead Guilty to throwing Molotov Cocktails at an NYPD Police Van

Two New York Attorneys Pled Guilty to Conspiracy to commit arson and making and possessing an unregistered destructive device to fire bomb and NYPD van. The depraved lawless attorneys committed the acts in Brooklyn on May 30th, 2020 a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office said.

Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman -  both attorneys created terror and destroyed the police van outside the 88th precinct in Fort Greene. The two attorney criminals are only facing a prison sentence of two years.  Prosecutors sought to have terrorism charges applied that would have given each attorney a longer sentence but the proposal was rejected by the Federal Prisions Bureau. 

Apparently the Federal Prision Bureau thought because each attorney had lived a law abiding life previously that should face the sentence the terrorism changes would have brought>

The digusting act of violence by two people working as New York lawyers and light sentence show again how unfair the legal system is to innocent citizens who have done to anyone and share the city with the depraved attorneys.  Prosecutors are requesting 2 years prison time the maximun sentence with lesser charges and the two may not even have to serve that.

Intelligent people need to find each other and work to step by step overhaul the crappy lega system in the state of New York. Lawyers are considered 'Friends of the Court' but these two are in reality dangerous depraved criminals who must have their legal credentials permenantly taken away and forever barred from practicing law again.

Damage to the Welfare of the Nation - Unraveling 51 former government official - Litigation begins

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What are the 3 elements of treason?
Three key elements are necessary for an offense to constitute treason: an obligation of allegiance to the legal order, and intent and action to violate that obligation.

Just days before the 2020 Presidential Election 51 government employees, including former
CIA Directors John Brennan, Leon Panetta and Michael Hayden wrote a letter that discredited news reports that a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden contained information showing that the Biden family was engaged in a PAY to PLAY scheme with foreign corporations in China and Russia.

In a televised 2020 debate with Trump seem around the world Biden called the stories published alleging the laptop belonging to Hunter Biden was in fact real garbage. He went on to win the election.

The letter titled Public Statement on the Hunter Biden emails was written by the former officials was in response to reports in the New York Post that a laptop left at a repair store unclaimed was real and the damming information stored on the harddrive was sufficient to not only disqualify Biden from office but would result in prosecution against him for the ergregios breach of duty.

The former officials held some of the most powerful positions ever created to determine the truth in sensitive areas involving national security. 

Now attorney Tim Parlatore was hired by Former Presdient Donald Trump to begin litigation against the former officials as it now accepted and understood their collective effort underminded the election, their respective agencies and the trust Americans have overall in government and likely broke declassification laws that require review of intelliegnce assessment  classified materials and documents without prior approval.

Parlatore yesterday filed five letters of complaint with the CIA, the
National Security Agency, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Defense.

The filed letter alleged the 51 officials were particpants in the unauthorized publication and dissemination of an intelligence assessment, purportedly based on classified information, that was used wrongfully to influence the outcome of an election.

The letters appears to be the first step in building a legal case against the former officials to
hold them accountable to the damage they have cause to the welfare of the nation.







Sugar ....Until Death Do Us Part. Too much Sugar Stinks.

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American Consume an Average of 75lbs of Sugar per year.

When we say sugar, we mean Sucrose – refined, white sugar; brown sugar; evaporated cane juice; and others. We also mean high fructose corn syrup, natural fructose (fruit), lactose (milk), starchy foods, and refined carbohydrates that act like sugar in the body. Learn some scary facts about sugar below.

Here is an except from the Healing Center on how sugar affects the body and mind.

  1. Sugar makes you tired. Sugar may seem to give you a short-term boost, but it always results in a crash. If you drink pop at noon and you feel tired at 3:00, it’s because of the sugar.

  2. Sugar makes you hungry. Foods that contain sugar in them have very little nutrients, so your body gets hungry sooner than if you had eaten a balanced meal. People who drink pop all day or eat candy do so because the body is looking for nutrition and it’s not receiving it, so it stays hungry.

  3. Sugar makes people, not like you. When you get a sugar crash, you get grumpy or grouchy, and you are no fun to be around.

  4. Sugar makes things go wrong around you. Immediately after consuming it, your brain floods with glucose, and it goes into hyperdrive. Reasonable and proper thought and function of the brain turns into: “Zoom, zoom! – oops – mistakes made!” Then the sugar crash happens, and it’s: “Wah, Waah – too slow – who cares – let it slide!” Either way, your productivity, and efficiency go down at work and at home.

  5. Sugar makes you fat and bloated. Sugar feeds bad yeast in your gut, and you bloat up. Sugar is the cause of rising obesity in kids and adults in this country. It’s not from eating too much fat; it’s too much sugar and refined carbohydrates. Sugar turns on your fat gene– SCD-1. If your fat gene is turned on, well, fortunately with proper nutrition, it is possible to turn off.

  6. Sugar causes disease. Sugar makes you unhealthy. Sugar breaks down tissues in your body, damaging your organs and causing disease.

D'Souza Documentary opens in 250 U.S. Theaters - Makes Bold Claims of 2020 Election Fraud

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A new documentary movie by American journalist, filmmaker and political commentator Dinesh D'Souza opened this week in 250 theaters across the United States.

The movie makes bold claims of election fraud in the 2020 US Presidential election and contradicts former Trump appointed Attorney General William Barr who said there was no evidence of wide spread voter fraud and many other government officials who said the election was the most secure in American history.

The subject of discussing whether the election was stolen resulted in many major media companies shutting down the accounts of the persons who posted, wrote or suggested the election was not secure.


The movie claims an organization 'True the Vote' has over 4 million hours of video recording 'Mules' stuffing ballot boxes with fraudelent ballots and the footage is included in the movie.  


Major media companies and commentators have already denounced the movie claiming that the 'True the Vote' organization uses a flawed analysis of cellphone location data and surveillance footage. 

The movie has already made an impact and is going to be hotly contested as more people have the chance to see it. The movie will be released online in the coming days. 

The website is D'Souza's platform for promoting the movie. 

New York violent crimes soar under Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg

The continual reports of never ending violent crimes being committed in New York has many residents packing up and leaving for another place to live.

Large portions of the NYPD appear to have 'lain down' and no longer make arrests for serious crimes due to apathy or the knowledge that the prosecutors and District Attorney's Office have instructions not to prosecute for crimes where previously they would.

Many articles and public figures have looked towards the Manhattan Distric Attorney Alvin Bragg who from day one in his new job wrote a letter to DA prosecutors. Here is Bragg's letter:


The new policies in this memo reflect both the need for fundamental reforms in the criminal legal system and the need for community safety. The two goals of justice and safety are not opposed to each other.  They are inextricably linked.  We deserve and demand both, and that has been the focus of my career, and indeed, my life. The directives outlined below demonstrate how our office will achieve both goals. 


The following organizational changes take effect immediately:

  1. Success and promotion will no longer be tied to conviction rates. Reliance on conviction rates to measure success has resulted in the over-prosecution of easily proven crimes and the under-prosecution of more challenging crimes.

  2. A full time chief for the Early Case Assessment Bureau is appointed and will serve on the senior executive leadership team. Their job, as described below, is to make clear that intake of cases is one of the most important functions of this office.

  3. An Executive DA for Policy is appointed who will be an experienced public defender or someone with similar experience. Among other duties, this position will oversee implementation of new policies relating to declination and diversion, alternatives to incarceration, reentry, and restorative justice.

  4. A new Police Integrity Unit is established and will report directly to me. This unit will be completely independent and intentionally siloed from any other part of the office, in order to ensure no conflicts with the office’s other work with law enforcement entities. Details of this office’s operations and scope are available at:

  5. The current “Conviction Integrity Unit” is dissolved and a new “Free the Wrongfully Convicted Unit” is established. This new unit will follow nationwide best practices for conviction review and will be led by an experienced appellate defender. Details of this office’s operations and scope are available at:

  6. The current sex crimes unit is dissolved and a new unit is created in its place that is survivor-centered, trauma informed, and fully consistent with my policy available at:

  7. The Hate Crimes Unit is provided increased resources and the scope of its work is expanded to include increased community engagement, specialized training, and pro-active investigations pursuant to my Hate Crimes policy available at:

  8. The resources of the Rackets Bureau, Major Economic Crime Bureau, and Financial Frauds Bureau are expanded consistent with my policy on Public Corruption and White Collar Crime available at:

  9. Within the Investigations Division, a new Worker Protection Unit is established to address issues of wage theft and other pernicious issues of worker exploitation, consistent with my Economic Justice policy available at:

  10. Within the Investigations Division, a new Housing Protection Unit is established consistent with my policy.

  11. The Alternative to Incarceration Unit will be dissolved and a new Pathways to Success Bureau will be instituted, which will be responsible for alternatives to incarceration at every step in a proceeding from the pre-charge stage to the post-conviction probation or parole stage. The Bureau will make clear throughout the District Attorney’s office that alternatives to incarceration should be the norm, not the exception. The Bureau will report to the Executive DA for Policy. Within the Bureau, a new Public Health Unit is established to address the unique issues posed by those who commit crimes and have behavioral health issues consistent with my policy.



Arrests and prosecutions for misdemeanors and violations can significantly affect people’s lives even when they result in convictions for minor offenses, short sentences, or probation, costing people their employment, housing, student loans, immigration status, and even their children, and contributing to a cycle of incarceration and poverty that is hard to break. Well-designed programs that divert people – particularly individuals in crisis and youth - from jail or prison, or from the justice system entirely, can conserve resources, reduce re-offending, and diminish the collateral harms of criminal prosecution. The following policies reflect these principles.

1.      The following charges will not be prosecuted under any circumstances:

a.       Marijuana misdemeanors, PL §§ 222.30 and 222.50

b.      Fare evasion (turnstile jumping), PL §165.15

c.       Trespass, PL §§ 140.05, 140.10, 140.15, unless the trespass is a family offense pursuant to CPL § 530.11 or accompanies any felony charge as a lesser included offense

d.      Driving with a suspended license, VTL § 511.1. Note that any vehicular collision resulting in any physical injury should be pursued as an act of reckless driving, reckless endangerment, negligent or reckless assault, failure to yield, or any other applicable statute. This policy addresses only criminalization of a failure to pay fines and does not address the criminalization of dangerous driving.

e.       Any violation, traffic infraction, or other non-criminal offense not accompanied by a misdemeanor or felony.

f.       Consensual sex trade. This does not include coercive practices regularly done by those who traffic in the sex trade and crimes like money laundering that flow from such practices.

g.      Outdated offenses such as Obscenity, PL Article 235, Fortune Telling, PL § 165.35, and adultery PL § 255.17

h.      Resisting Arrest, PL § 205.30, for the act of resisting arrest for any non-criminal offense

i.        Obstructing Governmental Administration in the Second Degree, PL § 195.05

 2.      All other misdemeanor charges for which an appearance ticket is granted shall be offered diversion. Diversion is defined as the opportunity to complete a short but meaningful programming mandate after arrest through a community-based provider, based on the needs of the person arrested. Those who complete a diversion mandate will have their cases declined for prosecution.

a.       Consistent with past policies, those arrested and offered diversion will be permitted to consult with an attorney regarding their options.

b.      If the person accepts the diversion, they will never need to appear in court, regardless of if their diversion mandate is not complete before their scheduled appearance.

c.       The office shall ensure that appearance tickets are not improperly granted for any act for which they are legally prohibited, such as domestic violence, sex offenses, those requiring a protective order during the pendency of the case (including most assaults, stalking, menacing, and other similar behavior), and those requiring a driver’s license suspension, including Driving While Intoxicated. Any such case for which an appearance ticket was improperly granted is not subject to this diversion policy.

Cases not in policies 1 and 2 will be assessed by ECAB to determine if the office can prove them beyond a reasonable doubt, and will be declined prosecution if they cannot meet this standard. Though the law requires an accusatory instrument to establish only reasonable cause in order to commence a prosecution, in order to most efficiently use our limited resources and to ensure that the burden of a criminal prosecution is only put upon those who could be proven guilty at trial, we will only prosecute cases in which we can meet the more stringent standard of beyond a reasonable doubt.

    1. If an ADA does not believe the evidence rises to the level of proof beyond a reasonable doubt but could so rise if more investigation were performed or more discovery provided by the NYPD or other referring law enforcement entity, then prosecution shall be deferred. Prosecution shall also be deferred if the discovery available at the time of arraignment is so sparse, or so potentially voluminous, that the ADA believes it poses a significant risk that the office will not meet its discovery requirements in arraigning the case immediately. Delaying a case while we gather all the evidence and make sure it is appropriate to bring the case will make sure that we are in full compliance with the letter and spirit of discovery requirements.

    2. ADAs in ECAB shall charge the most serious offenses that fit squarely within the conduct at issue, and shall not stretch the legal definitions of the elements of crimes to “over-charge” cases. For example, ordinary shoplifting cases should not be charged as burglaries.



The following policies apply to all applications for pretrial or pre-sentence incarceration.

1.      Presumption of non-incarceration. Non-incarceration is the outcome for every case except those with charges of homicide or the death of a victim, a class B violent felony in which a deadly weapon causes serious physical injury, or felony sex offenses in Article 130 of the Penal Law.

a.       This rule can be excepted only in extraordinary circumstances, based on a holistic analysis of the charges, criminal history (particularly the history of not returning to court), and any other information available. 

b.      Seeking an exception requires an application in writing and supervisory approval. If this exception is approved, then request the least restrictive conditions to reasonably ensure return to court.

2.      For those who will be released pretrial, always ask for the least restrictive conditions of release necessary to ensure a person’s appearance in court.

3.      If individuals miss court dates, investigate the reason for the violation or failure to appear in court. If the person fails to appear but there is no evidence that the person intentionally attempted to flee from law enforcement, such as evading police or giving a police officer an alias, then recommend release upon the original conditions.

4.      If there is an allegation that an individual has violated a condition of release, first determine that the violation of the condition is not related to circumstances such as health issues, transportation or child-care issues. If there is clear evidence that the person willfully violated conditions of release, ask for the next-most restrictive condition to ensure they fulfill the conditions of release. Supervisory approval is required for any deviation from this policy.

5.      In most misdemeanor and low-level felony cases, consent to excusing the accused from having to attend routine court appearances.


The following policies apply to all dispositions other than those for homicide or other cases involving the death of a victim, a class B violent felony in which a deadly weapon causes serious physical injury, felony sex offenses in Article 130 of the Penal Law, public corruption, rackets, or major economic crimes, including any attempt to commit any such offense under Article 110 of the Penal Law.

  1. Presumption of non-incarceration is the outcome for every case.

    1. This rule may be excepted only in extraordinary circumstances based on a holistic analysis of the charges, criminal history, victim’s input (particularly in cases of violence), and any other information available. Also consider the impacts of incarceration on recidivism, the financial cost of incarceration, the impact of incapacitation on public safety, the racially disparate impacts of incarceration, the challenges posed by reentry, and other holistic factors.

    2. Seeking this exception requires an application in writing which must be approved by a supervisor for the plea offer to be made or sentence recommended.

  2. Cases involving substance use and mental illness will be analyzed through a public health lens. Every case is eligible for courts specializing in certain types of programming, such as drug treatment and mental health treatment. No proffers or any similar barriers are required for eligibility.

  3. Restorative Justice programming will be expanded significantly and be relied on heavily, particularly for violent felony cases in which the victim consents. My comprehensive policy on restorative justice is available at:

  4. Non-incarceratory dispositions shall address the issues underlying criminal behavior, and should be sufficient in length and depth to address those issues but no further. Studies show that unnecessarily burdensome programming actually contributes to recidivism, therefore ADAs should not seek probationary or similar sentences that are longer than necessary. Programming will be community-based and not operated by our office or any other law enforcement entity.

  5. In any case in which a person allegedly violates the terms of a non-incarceratory sentence or pre-plea programming mandate, seek an incarceratory “alternative” to be imposed only as a matter of last resort, after repeated opportunities are afforded for a successful completion of the mandate. ADAs must take into account that research shows that relapses are part of the road to recovery for those struggling with drug addiction, and should reserve incarceratory recommendations only for willful and flagrant violations of the terms of a mandate.


In any case in which incarceration is plea bargained for or recommended after trial, the guiding principles should be what sentence makes us safer, based on a holistic and individualized analysis of the facts of the case and all available information about the defendant. Statutorily authorized sentences should not be a significant factor in this analysis, ADAs are free to negotiate whatever sentence is consistent with community safety.

The maximum sentence to request is a 20 year determinate sentence or an indeterminate sentence with a maximum of 20 years, absent exceptional circumstances. Research is clear that longer sentences do not deter crime or result in greater safety to the community.

In no case seek a sentence of life without parole.


Our office must recognize that brain development continues until up to age 25, and that youth are physiologically subject to more impulsive behavior, and importantly also more capable of growth and maturation. Prosecuting youth in our criminal court system is not only ineffective, it is detrimental to their development and leads to more recidivism. This makes us less safe. Our charging decisions will focus on improving life outcomes for youth, which will not only help young people themselves, but also their families, their communities and all of us.   The following policies reflect these principles:

  1. All cases eligible to be removed to Family Court will be so removed, unless the charges are extremely serious and the young person does not demonstrate amenability to the services available in Family Court. Any decision not to remove a case to Family Court must be made in writing and approved by a supervisor, with an analysis particularized to each case.

  2. For those cases not removed to Family Court, determinations as to the appropriate disposition will not be based on retribution or vengeance, but instead on identifying what services and supports can be provided to the young people and their caretakers to improve their outcomes. We will be to rely on community based programs already in use in the Youth Parts as well as adding restorative justice practices.

  3. For those cases not removed to Family Court, ADAs must consider options that will allow for future removals to Family Court or sealing of charges upon demonstration of rehabilitation.

  4. Remove all Juvenile Offenders to Family Court unless the law mandates prosecution in the youth part based on the severity of the charge.

  5. For those cases involving adults under the age of 25, ADA should acknowledge that turning 19 does not instantly imbue a person with the wisdom and maturity of an adult. While the law does not at this time recognize a distinction between the defendants at the ages of 19 and 24 and those of greater maturity, science does: innumerable studies have shown that brain development continues until up to age 24. Part of making an individualized determination of the appropriate outcome for each case means recognizing that the same brain development variables that illuminate our views on juveniles should play a role in our determinations of young adult cases. There is no doubt that at least some offenses committed by persons in this age range are attributable to lack of maturity or the insight that comes with age. Charges can and should be reduced, deferred prosecutions offered, or plea offers should be made that permit a person to avoid being saddled with a criminal record for life, depending on the circumstances of each case.



The office will shift resources towards targeting gun trafficking, addressing the source of gun violence and not its effect.

When gun violence occurs, we will prosecute and the policies on dispositions above apply to these cases. In determining whether the presumption of non-incarceration is overcome, ADAs must recognize that most gun violence is driven by a small number of people in a small geographic area, and not every person charged with possessing an illegal gun in New York City is a driver of violence. The presumption of non-incarceration should be overcome if the defendant is clearly a driver of gun violence. In these cases, the recommended disposition should not be consistent with research showing that swift and predictable justice is an effective deterrent of gun violence.

The office will also greatly expand the use of community based interventions such as Cure Violence as a means of deterring and addressing gun violence. The office will invest forfeiture funds in expanding such programming as necessary.



The office will seek dispositions that avoid immigration consequences for all misdemeanors, and all felonies for which non-incarceratory outcomes are the presumptive outcome. The procedures for seeking a disposition that carries immigration consequences in any such case are the same as the procedures for seeking an incarceratory disposition for cases in which non-incarceration is the presumption.


There is a zero tolerance policy for the violation of disclosure obligations. The office will not treat willful hiding of evidence as something requiring “more training.”  Those who engage in such conduct will be terminated.

In any instance in which a Brady disclosure is made during the course of a prosecution, a supervisor must automatically conduct a full re-review and evaluation of the strength of the evidence in the case, and move to dismiss the case where we can no longer prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.


The following policies apply to all cases without exception.

  1. The office will work with the NYPD to gain direct access to their records, eliminating the innumerable delays, miscommunications, and other impediments posed by relying on the Department to provide our office materials on a case-by-case basis.

  2. ADAs shall disclose their entire file to the defense, regardless of whether discovery laws actually require its disclosure, subject to redactions as addressed in policy 4 infra.

  3. ADAs shall interview all witnesses, including all NYPD officers, with relevant information. The NYPD often “assigns” an arrest to an officer who doesn’t have direct knowledge of the incident, which thereby can obscure which officers were truly involved in an arrest, ADAs shall interview every police officer involved in their case to conduct a holistic investigation of each case we prosecute.

  4. None of these policies impact an ADA’s ability to use all legal tools to protect the identity of witnesses in those cases in which such protection is necessary. ADAs shall continue to use these tools as necessary.



For any case in which a defendant is or is expected to be incarcerated, ADAs must consider reentry at every meaningful stage of a case and not just at sentencing. It is well established that helping an offender transition back into the community and avoid future contact with the criminal justice system helps build safer neighborhoods. Reentry efforts at the office will be led by formerly incarcerated persons and include the following policies:

  1. ADAs shall support the earliest possible release on parole, and to write letters in support of such applications. This presumption may be overcome if the person commits acts of violence or otherwise exhibits a refusal to reenter society safely. As per our processes for overcoming other presumptions, as described above, the process for overcoming the presumption that we support the earliest possible release on parole will be thorough, requiring more than a pro forma checking of a box, and require supervisory approval.

  2. Upon release, we will use asset forfeiture funds to help those reentering find employment, housing, and other necessary elements to a successful reentry. I know how valuable this can be firsthand. My brother-in-law lived with my wife and me after he was released from incarceration. Providing supports to those returning from incarceration is the right thing to do morally; data also show that it is sound public safety policy, as recidivism reduces when we provide housing and employment supports



Building public trust in the office is essential to public safety. This requires strong relationships with our communities, and complete transparency about the work our office does, and about how and why we make the decisions we make. The existing Community Partnership Unit will be expanded to include more open-ended engagement with faith leaders, community organizers, civic associations, building associations, and other community-based organizations to learn about their experiences with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and better understand their needs and ideas around community-centered approaches to public safety. These meetings will not just be listening sessions, we will engage with this groups in a dialogue about what the office can do to meet their needs.

The office will also begin more regular and comprehensive public reporting about all of our activities. As a baseline, I will exceed the reporting requirements of local legislation, 1392, to publish basic but detailed information on case outcomes, all disaggregated by race where appropriate. We will also publish our “do not call” list for problematic NYPD officers, more detailed reporting about non-traditional case outcomes such as programming, our internal policies, and begin tracking and reporting on the plea bargaining process.


The need for reform in our office’s policies and practices is urgent, and while other changes to policies and procedures will be forthcoming, it is critical that the changes described in this memorandum take effect immediately.


Elder Abuse and the Law - Protecting people we Love

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Society strives against Elder Abuse. When family members look out for one another and value honor
elder abuse is rare. In the cataclysmic events of the 21 Century social organization has fragmented and
elder abuse has become epidemic.

From unprovoked attacks in the streets to financial con artists who prey on the vulnerable the elderly are
are living in a frightening and increasingly violent society.

Alongside with the assaults and robberies are Elder Abuse Crimes committed inside of a family. This can happen
when a family member uses undue influence on a relative to get something like a home or money. Certain states
have enacted 'Anti Granny Snatching Laws' and built layers of social agencies whose job it is to check on and see
that laws are not being broken in familys with disputes and if they call for Law Enforcement to step in.

In New York, people can report Elder Abuse to Adult Protective Service. They have resources to visit and assess persons
who may be in need of help and work together with the police and the District Attorneys Office.

LIVEONE.TV's legal program 'Law Made Easy' will discuss 'Elder Abuse and Nursing Homes' in the next interview
with attorneys Geroge Bassias, Steve Bandel and Host Ian Snow. 

The Problem with Covid

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What's going on.....

New Yorker's and the Most Vulnerable are Abandoned by the City Officials -

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New York residents are a mix of many different characters including both piilars of society
and depraved Criminals. The uneasy balance between those respecting the civil rights of others and those
who do not has shifted dramatically in recent years and has created an environment where the criminogenic
are emboldened.

How this dangerous new reality came to be is likely the result of many factors in addition to child
parenting. Lax enforcement of public safety laws together with bail reforms that removed manditory jail time for serious offences has left New York City a roaming ground for dangerous Criminals. 

Many governmental agencies including those in Law Enforcement are so degraded they have abandoned duties and mandates leaving residents on their own with and with dangerous and devestating results. Case overload and the sheer volume of requests made of agency personnel by the public can be seen as adding to an atmospher of despair where normally standard adminstrative duties are delayed or not enforced at all.

'Case overload' and 'Overwhelmed' is increasingly being cited by many governmental agency personnel for lack of ability to assist residents in both Law enforcement complaints and other agencies leaving devestating results on the quality of life for New Yorkers.

The New York Department of Buildings run by Commisioner Melanie La Rocco, appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio is among the worst managed agencies in New York. The agency or 'the DOB' as it is commonly called regularly and chronically is unable able to enforce it's code laws and when it does appears to selectively target small business. The NYDOB focus is on getting as much funding as possible and increasing public relations campaigns touting their efficiency and responsiveness to residents. 

An example of the failure La Rocca's NYDOB is in the largest condominium high-rise in Astoria Queens. The condominium houses a massive illegal storage facility across that hall from residents apartments. City inspectors from both the NYDOB and FDNY have known about it for over a decade but haven't forced the owner to close it.

The failure of the NYDOB to force the closure of the illegal storage facilities was the subject of an NBC 4 Investigative report by journalist Chris Glorios in 2017 that showed the NYDOB and FDNY have been issusing violations for the HAZARDOUS condition for over 15 years but even today have not closed the units.

Daily news reports show innocent New Yorkers being shoved onto subway track, struck with rocks and bricks in the head by robbers. Murders in 2021 weeks ago passed the 2020 totals.  Residents being shot and also increasingly shot by stray bullets are now common place. Small children being assaulted and shot by stray bullets are part of the interwoven lives of decents residents and the criminogenic.

Attacks against Elder residents being slugged in the face, thrown on the street and robbed are no longer rare. These attacks are daily. An epidemic of violent Crime against Elders is surging as city agencies claim they are overwhelmed with caseoverload. Elder's and other vulnerable residents have been abandoned by the government agencies tasked to create a safe city to live in.



NYPOST Goes in for FAKE NEWS on NYC Mayoral 2021 Election

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The New York Post today published an article attributed to Nolan Hicks, Carl Campanile, Julie Marsh and Sam Raskin that demonstrates how FAKE the so called news organization has become.

The article headline:  ‘Wild card’ Sliwa needs Adams to ‘drop dead on stage’ for chance at victory: debate pundits.'

Who are these journalists and why so many for one short article? Maybe the phonies at the NYPOST think attributing many writers somehow makes their FAKE and DISHONEST News more believable?

The NYPOST quotes another total FAKE and DISHONEST journalist Chris Coffey supposedly a veteran strategist and Bloomberg adminstration staffer who the POST said Coffey called tonight's debate an 'ultimately insignificant event.'

LIVEONETV polls conducted face to face with voters in the NEW YORK CIty area and found Curtis Sliwa leding Eric Adams by at least 70% and his supporters showed much more enthusiasm for their candidate.


Curtis Sliwa is the founder of the Guardian Angels that began citizen patrols of the streets and subways when he realized that law enforcement was not able to provide reasonable safety for New Yorkers. He ended up in a taxi years ago and got shot by associates of the Gotti crime family after Sliwa spoke about John Gotti on a radio program unfavorably.

Eric Adam's is a former NYPD Police Captain who also has a long background of being personally involved in community programs and is known for his affection for New Yorkers and their children. 

Why would the NYPOST pretend Sliwa is a 'long shot'? Maybe someone sould tell the esteemed journalists' to look at the Google Trends. Google Trends are a strong indicator of voter interest in a candidate. The trends count how many Google searches were made for both candidates. Google treands show Curtis Sliwa ahead of Adams in search results - that's why the NYPOST and BLOOMBERG MEDIA esteemed journalists are not honest or serious journalists.

But the FAKE and DISHONEST News beat goes on.   
LTV Editorial Board

Infact, many have said this election is as important as a presidential election since New York is not only teh financial capitol of the United States but for many the capitol of the world. After watching MAYOR DEBLASIO stand down in the face of Antifa, BLM riots, officer and civilian murders, sky rocketing crime and violent robberies this election and tonight's debate is not at all, as Bloomberg flunky Chris Coffey called it an 'Ultimately insignificant Event.' 


TONIGHTS DEBATE: 7-8pm WNBC-TV Channel 4 - and livestreamed on


NY Media companies have Adams ahead of Sliwa but Google Trends show a different picture

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  • scandal
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Major media companies in New York have been calling Eric Adams the front runner in teh upcoming 2021 Nov. 2 NYC Mayoral Election but Google trends show Sliwa edging out Adams in recent Google searches.


Google searches are considered an indicator of a candidate's popularity and this has thrown a wrench in to the media narrative that Adams is a 'shoe in' and Sliwa an 'underdog'.

This coming 2021 NYC Mayoral Debate Wednesday Oct 20th will be the first of two debates to take place and expectations are it will dramatically affect voters choice on who to vote for on November 2nd.

Tony Fauci Conceals NIH funded Reckless Research at Wuhan Lab

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Dr. Anthony Fauci has been lecturing Americans for over a year on how to respond to Covid-19 and mask-up while concealing that the NIH that he runs has been funding dangerous 'gain of function' research in China and may have even started the pandemic that has cost so many lives around the world.

The 'Intercept' news organization filed FOIA requests for the email communications of Fauci and received emails that showed Fauci was concerned the virus may have leaked from the Wuhan lab yet went on television and repeatedly stated all evidence was pointing to the virus coming from the natural environment likely from infected bats and then jumped to humans. 

Thanks to the efforts of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, a medical doctor himself, Fauci was questioned about the 'gain of function' research on Capital Hill but denied the NIH directed this research even though Dr. Shi at the Wuhanb Lab wrote the grant funding research included 'gain of function'.   However NIH did fund the dangerous research through a sub-grant to Eco-Health Alliance run by a Peter Daszak who claims to be an expert in disease ecology.

The revelation that Fauci has lied to the Congress and American people while being in charge of the National Response to the pandemic makes this one of the biggest scandals ever exposed.

Senator Tom Cotton is now calling for Fauci to be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law for the lies to Congress Fauci made with Senator Rand Paul in a committee hearing last summer. During the hearing Fauci denied funding 'Gain of Function' research and said Dr. Paul did not know what he was talking about and accused the Kentucky Senator of lying.

With some experts stating it is advisable to take a 3rd vaccine booster shot and even 4 or 5 vaccines boosters former President Trump said recently on television that it appears to be a money operation for big pharma. 

Many reports have recently stated that the virus is not over but infact will be even deadlier this fall and winter through 2021-2022.


Gary Bettman - Looks like the New Face of Violence Support in NHL

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LIVEONE.TV Editor's Desk

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman appears to be suffering from severe mental collapse as he used his position 'NHL Commissioner' and the power that comes with it to issue huge financial fines at The New York Rangers Hockey Team, Fans and it's management.  What an idiot !!! He issued a $250,000USD fine after the Ranger management called out league for only fining Tom Wilson $5,000

Gary....many people here in New York think Capitals instigator Tom Wilson should be forever banned from the NHL and you removed yesterday.

Apparently Ranger management issued a complaint against the small $5,000 fine issued by the NHL against Wilson which amounts to the league condoning violence.

Gary... the objection is the violence and the Rangers and most of the fans are pissed off you don't care about team safety. Jerk!

Physical fighting and intentional violence MUST NOT be a part of professional hockey.




Jackson, Mississippi's Water Crisis

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  • scandal

Jackson, Mississippi has gone more than two weeks without running water. Tens of thousands of residents have no fresh water to drink, to wash, to brush their teeth, and even flushing their toilet. Some residents are relying on shippments of bottled water from local government or comunity, some rely on the water truck from the National Guard; while others are living on collected rain water and melted snow. 

The city's aged infrustucture broke down after the severe snow storm in Feburary. Similar situations are also occurring in Texas and Minnesota. As the richest country in the world, this crisis is remarkable in the governments failure to take care of basic needs of citizens.

The new Biden Administration has issued orders on infrustrucures, however, it will not improve the situation anytime soon since the infrustrucures needs years to build and improve. There is concern about the time the Health Department and local government will need to end this crisis. 

The local news has reported that running water will be resumed by this weekend amid much uncertainty. With the increasingly severe climate extremes, more needs to be done.

MSM Media says MSM partly responsible for what happened at the Capitol

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In an interview with the BBC Megyn Kelly said “Part of the reason we saw what happened at the Capitol here two weeks ago is because there had been a complete lack of trust in the media, and people don’t know where to turn for true information, they don’t trust the media anymore. And it’s a major problem,” 

She also stated that before Trump took office she thought CNN to be fair and factual but after looking at their coverage coverage decided that was no longer true.

‘I remember listening to all of [Trump’s] disparaging comments about CNN when he first became a national figure as a presidential candidate, and I watched a lot of CNN even though I was on Fox. And I was like this is unfair. CNN may be a little boring, but it’s fair and it’s factual. It’s not biased against Trump. Then they spent the next four years proving him right – proving me wrong,” Kelly said.

Pres. elect Biden - facing articles of Impeachment on January 21st

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  • scandal

Developing.......Newly elected Republican Congresswoman Taylor Green, Georgia Congressional District - 14 said Wednesday she will file articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden on January 21st.

She stated that when Biden withheld $1B loan guarantees to the Ukraine government unless they fired the prosecutor investigating the company where his son Hunter Biden received a sweetheart deal is grounds enough for Biden to be removed from office.



The Scandalous National Debt

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It is well known by the public that the US has a high national debt. With $27 Trillion in debt as of October 2020, it is well beyond the Net GDP of the US. There are four main ways to pay off the debt, raise taxes, cut spending, raise GDP faster than debt, and shift spending toward more job creating fields. 

With the fast growing of the debts and the dropping of GDP in recent years, the high interest costs are crowding out the important public investments for example in education, infrastructures, and others. The US is saddled with debts, and a nation has less to invest when the debt keeps growing like this. In 2019, approximately 62.1%of spending was in mandatory spendings such as health programs, social security, income security, retirements and others. 15.4% of the spending are toward defense, 2.3% in transportations and less than 2% in all other categories, like education at 1.6%, natural resources at 1.1%, and regional development only at 0.6%. With only $3.5 Trillion in GDP and very little invested in public investments, there was a $984 Billions deficit in the 2019 fiscal year.


It is an absolute scandal that the government of the most powerful country cannot figure out the solution to this problem, it only needs some economic and mathematical experts to draft out a doable model and wise enough political figure to execute the plans. However the country would rather fight over how one can rule over another and who can control the 535 seats in congress and instead of focusing on something much urgent and important. It is an outright scandal and complete scandal of the “world’s greatest nation”.

The Fraud called 'The Commission on Presidential Debates' - Made by the Swamp

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With such a serious sounding name you might think the Commission on Presidential Debates was
a legitimate organization to promote understanding on candidates position. Think again, Presidential
Debate were previously run and managed by the League of Woman voters who continue today to promote
informative debates for many community civil service positions across the nation.

So how did the League of Women Voters lose their moderating position? Members of the Republican and Democrat party
formed The Commission on Presidential Debates, incorporated it and began running the debates themselves. They wanted
to control the format of the debate, the questions asked and all matters related.

"The League of Women Voters is withdrawing its sponsorship of the presidential debate scheduled for mid-October because the demands of the two campaign organizations would perpetrate a fraud on the American voter," League President Nancy M. Neuman said in 1988 as the newly formed commission shoved them out.

Somebody show KANYE WEST the law - HE is already eligible to be President - in EVERY STATE!

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  • scandal

Somebody needs to tell Kanye West that the lawyers at say the rapper is already eligible to run for president in every state as the law stems from the Supreme Court ruling that each U.S. citizen, eligible to vote, has a right to vote for whomever they want to.

This law springs from the Civil Rights Act and the 1971 Voting Rights Act which states eligible US voters have a right to vote for whomever they want to...not just the names on a state ballot. The law ensures each ballot have a line for a write-in vote so voters can write-in the name of the person they want to be President. And vote their conscience.

It isnt that the different states Attorney Generals are being errant so much as they simply have not been brought to court on the issue and made to comply with the 1971 ruling by the Supreme Court.
Currently only 5 states in the union offer the write-in option and then count it for example.

Little known fact is the Lawyers for Ron Paul group made up of lawyers volunteering for the presidential candidate at the time Ron Paul in 2012 sued NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to not only provide a write-in ballot for voters but to actually count their votes too.  Schneiderman refused stating it was a waste of resources and wouldnt go to all the trouble of counting write-in votes.

The arrogance of former NY AG Eric Schniederman was clear from his condescending attitude for NOT  upholding the 1971 Supreme Court ruling. It is this very provision of law that truly equalizes the opportunities for both candidates and voters - Schneiderman had a problemm with it and later eventually resigned from office due to allegations of sexual misconduct. 

Hard to uderstand why the Republican operatives WEST is working with havent made it clear to the rapper?  Maybe they are making big bucks trying to get him on the ballot instead of challenging the illegality of non write in ballots? The latter is a constitutional right as written out of the Civil Rights Act and the 1971 Voting Rights Act.  Hear that KANYE?  Contact the legal team here at LIVEONE.TV if you want the to see the full law on this.

Scientist Worry About Political Influence Affecting the Development of Coronavirus Vaccine

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In April 2020, most of the states in the US were in lockdown. With tens of millions out of jobs. People are waiting for the end of the pandemic.


Given that it typically takes years to develop a vaccine, the timetable for the initiative, called Operation Warp Speed, was incredibly ambitious. With tens of thousands dying and tens of millions out of work, the crisis demanded an all-out public-private response, with the government supplying billions of dollars to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, providing logistical support and cutting through red tape.

It escaped no one that the proposed deadline also intersected nicely with President Trump’s need to curb the virus before the election in November.


Under constant pressure from a White House anxious for good news and a public desperate for a silver bullet to end the crisis, the government’s researchers are fearful of political intervention in the coming months and are struggling to ensure that the government maintains the right balance between speed and rigorous regulation, according to interviews with administration officials, federal scientists and outside experts.


Even in a less politically charged environment, there would be a fraught debate about how much to accelerate the process of trials and approval. The longer that vaccines are tested before being released, the likelier they are to be safe and effective.

But with 1,000 people dying each day in the United States, schools finding it difficult to reopen and the deep recession inflicting economic pain across the country, the desire to find a way to return to normal life is powerful and transcends partisan politics and borders. On Sunday, Russia announced that it planned to start a nationwide inoculation campaign in October with a vaccine that had yet to complete clinical trials, the latest evidence of the global potential for cutting corners.

Despite concerted efforts by the Trump administration and a bevy of pharmaceutical companies it is working with, the original October target has slipped, with the administration now pushing to have hundreds of millions of doses available by the end of the year or early 2021.


“There are a lot of people on the inside of this process who are very nervous about whether the administration is going to reach their hand into the Warp Speed bucket, pull out one or two or three vaccines, and say, ‘We’ve tested it on a few thousand people, it looks safe, and now we are going to roll it out,’” said Dr. Paul A. Offit of the University of Pennsylvania, who is a member of the Food and Drug Administration’s vaccine advisory committee.

“They are really worried about that,” he added. “And they should be.”

Mr. Trump relentlessly touts progress toward a vaccine, raising hopes of quick approval. Touring a North Carolina biotechnology lab last week, he vowed to “deliver a vaccine in record time.” In a tweet last month, he explicitly tied vaccines to his re-election hopes.


*Informations Quoted From New York Times*

China Closes US consulate in Chengdu in response to the closure of Houston Consulate.

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  • scandal

The Trump administration accused Chinese citizens of stealing scientific research and told the country’s diplomats in Texas to leave. Beijing warned it would retaliate.

On July 22nd, The United States has abruptly ordered China to close its consulate in Houston, accusing diplomats of aiding economic espionage and the attempted theft of scientific research as the Trump administration sharply escalates its moves against China.

The Consulate was seen burning documents in the backyard. People living nearby called the fire department thinking the Consulate was on fire. When the fire trucks arrived, they were denied to enter, until 72 hours later when the Chinese Citizens left the Consulate.

China called this action illegal, and vow to retaliate. Even though there was evidence controlled by the F.B.I. to believe the Consulate was used for intelligent purposes. 

The F.B.I. has issued an arrest warrant for a Chinese student or researcher, Tang Juan, who sought refuge in the San Francisco consulate after American investigators discovered she had not disclosed her affiliation with the Chinese military and executed a search warrant to seize her electronic devices, according to the seven-page document. Chinese diplomats across the United States have helped military officers hide their identities, said John C. Demers, the assistant attorney general for national security.

The closing of the consulate in Houston may be less detrimental to the United States’ relations with Beijing than shutting down a different one would be. It is the “sister” diplomatic mission to the American consulate in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus outbreak first emerged. The State Department evacuated its consulate in Wuhan after the initial outbreak; it is not clear when it might fully reopen.


In response, China ordered the US Consulate in Chengdu-- one of the biggest major cities in China-- to close. Chengdu, the capital of China's southwest Sichuan province, was an important diplomatic outpost for the US, covering a large swath of the country, including the controversial Tibetan Autonomous region. Beijing is also considering closing the US Consulate in Chongqing, and Shanghai.


The United States consulate in the Chinese city of Chengdu officially closed Monday morning, amid worsening relations between Beijing and Washington.

The American flag over the building was lowered at dawn, according to Chinese state-run broadcaster CCTV, and onlookers were moved back by police surrounding the consulate as it prepared to shut.

Over the weekend, hundreds of people had gathered outside the US consulate in the city of 16.5 million people, taking selfies and waving Chinese flags.

"Today, we bid farewell to the US Consulate General in Chengdu. We will miss you forever," the mission's official post said.


*Informations Quoted from New York Times, CNN, and CCTV.*

Hospital In Queens Spent $52 million to treat 79 patients

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Due to the high number of patients, the Queens Hospital Center was at triple of its capacity. The U.S.T.A. Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens was transformed into a temporary hospital in April.

On April 10th, the temporary hospital was opened to relieve the overwhelmed hospitals, had hundreds of beds and scores of medical professionals trained to treat virus patients. But for the entire month it remained open it only treated 3 patients from the Queens Hospital Center emergency department. Overall it cost $52 million and treated 79 patients. 

New York paid as much as $732 an hour for some doctors at Billie Jean King, but the city made them spend hours on paperwork. They were supposed to treat coronavirus patients, but they did not accept people with fevers, a hallmark symptom of the virus. Officials said the site would serve critically ill patients, but workers said it opened with only one or two ventilators.

“I basically got paid $2,000 a day to sit on my phone and look at Facebook,” said Katie Capano, a nurse practitioner from Baltimore who worked at Billie Jean King. “We all felt guilty. I felt really ashamed, to be honest.”


*information quoted from New York Times*


  • scandal
  • scandal

That EDWARD SNOWDEN and JULIAN ASSANGE have hugely popular bases in the United States is rarely reported but this voting block is educated and not small. Both President Trump and Biden have all but avoided talking about any leniency for either man.

An online review of events held for the two men show there is widespread support for the freedom of both with a base of many millions. 

How many millions of Bernie's supporters will vote on one issue?

Let EDWARD SNOWDEN return to United States if not a hero then at least to receive a fair trial (that is his suggestion).

Receiving a fair trial means he tells the jury why he shared government information. And not in the Rocket Docket court filled with government jury citiziens. And Julian Assange? ....for starters must not be treated differently than the NYTimes. 

LIVEONE.TV - editorial board.  

An ugly election scandal of 2012 was MITT ROMNEY and REINCE PRIEBUS stealing the delegates from RON PAUL who was easily ahead in votes against ROMNEY. RON PAUL - leader of the Liberty movement has interviewed EDWARD SNOWDEN and is very sympathic towards the former NSA worker. RON PAUL and his son SENATOR RAND PAUL are connected and in touch with the growing liberty movement whose vote could easily determine a winner on one topic: FREEDOM FOR SNOWDEN and ASSANGE.

When will any major media news outlets ask PRESIDENT TRUMP and candidate BIDEN their position on SNOWDEN?

How does BIDEN or PRESIDENT TRUMP support the severe punishment of ASSANGE but not the NYTimes?

Once this topic enters the discussion both campaigns will will risk losing if they ignore EDWARD SNOWDEN and JULIAN ASSANGE.


  • scandal

FAKE NEWS mainstream media is getting slammed for pushing fmr. Trump National Security advisor JOHN BOLTON's new book and pretending BOLTON has anything to offer that would improve the lives of Americans.

Listening to BOLTON lecture on international relations is to fete a sad fearful man who often advocates the United States war and regime change and carelessly throw the youth of the country into harms way. BOLTON specializes in bedtime lullabys for the Council on Foreign Relations but holds no stature in politics today.

BOLTON worked for 2012 Presidential candidate loser MITT ROMNEY as a foreign relations advisor. Both of them were taken down inside the Republican party by congressman and Presidential candidate RON PAUL whose message of liberty was in stark contrast to the awful vison of ROMNEY and BOLTON world of endless war. 


JOHN LENNON - Rare book find in New York

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  • scandal

A BEATLES Complete song anthology book owned by JOHN LENNON has surfaced in New York. Although thousands of articles have been written on JOHN LENNON and the famous band as well - none have ever included the fact that JOHN LENNON took piano lessons.

The book was brought by JOHN LENNON to his piano classes so LENNON could polish up on his own songs using the piano instead of his regular guitar. He met Juillard trained piano teacher BILL FRITCHMAN when he and YOKO ONO moved into a million dollar mansion on the ocean to spend their summer. 

The oceanside mansion was owned by land developer and agent for photogrtapher Irving Penn Bob Baird who many years later sold it to Ralph Lauren. The exquiste ocean mansion situated off the old Montauk highway in the Hamptons was the LENNON ONO retreat during a summer in the early 1970s. LENNON took his piano lesssons here.

BILL FRITCHMAN, was a Masters student at Juillard Music School in NYC and died three years ago at age 96. After the estate settled the book was in the hands of IAN SNOW who says although the book does not have a signature LENNON did write in the book and marked a few pages with his own hand. LENNON actually crossed out the publishers lyrics for ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and wrote in the correct words above. These are more than typo correction - they are word corrections LENNON's own hand.

SNOW says there is ample lineage evidence the book is real and that YOKO ONO could easily confirm that LENNON took the lessons from FRITCHMAN - something never written or recorded about until now. 

SNOW says he will be bringing the book to an upcoming video podcast where more details will follow including plans for the book. He says the book is important in the same way as the Magna Carta or founding documents of The Church of England.